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Favendo – Who we are

The Favendo GmbH is a proprietary, enterprise-grade company, engaging with online, offline and location-based data to provide unprecedented information to customers of all business branches. Everyday more than 70 employees situated in Germany develop concepts to optimize the processes and approaches of businesses around the globe.

Experience and expertise in software-development, mobile advertising and beacon engineering makes Favendo one of the European leaders in location-based technology services.

The start-up is managed by a highly qualified dual leadership, with a competent staffed advisory council and huge market experience providing support in strategic decision-making.

Favendo News – Recent Press Releases


Favendo and CANCOM enter into partnership

Favendo GmbH with headquarters in Bamberg and Munich based system house CANCOM have agreed upon an extensive partnership. Thanks to the connection with one of the major IT system houses in Germany Favendo gains a powerful sales partner for its cross sector LBS-solutions and products. With Favendo CANCOM extends its wide-range portfolio of architectures, solutions and services with innovative location-based services like radio-based indoor navigation, proximity marketing and sensor-based data aggregation and analytics.…Read more


Favendo collaborates with Philips Lighting

Favendo, European market leader for location-based services, collaborates with the global leader in innovative (LED-) lighting products, systems and services, Philips Lighting. The co-operation is part of Philips Lighting’s new Indoor positioning location lab partner program, wherein multiple industry leaders and start-ups participate…Read more


Big Data meets Loyalty: Favendo kooperiert mit Yoints

Die Bamberger Favendo GmbH kooperiert ab sofort eng mit dem Hamburger Loyalty-Anbieter Yoints GmbH. Miteinander wollen die Partner in die Lücke stoßen, die der Rückzug von Shopkick in Deutschland hinterlässt.Favendo und Yoints wollen in ihrem gemeinsamen Anlauf vor allem aus den Fehlern der Shopkick-Betreiber lernen…  Weiter lesen

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Favendo entwickelt mobilen Messeführer für ZEUS

Für die ZEUS GmbH entwickelte Favendo auf Basis ihrer modularen Whitelabel-App einen virtuellen Führer für die ZEUS-Messe. Mit der App erhalten Besucher immer die aktuellsten Informationen zur Messe, zu den ca. 300 Ausstellern und zu den besten Messe-Angeboten direkt auf das Handy. 300 bluloc Blackwell Beacons ermöglichen genaue Positionierung. Weiter lesen


Favendo vereinfacht Einstieg ins Internet der Dinge

Unter dem Produktnamen „Engineer“ hat Favendo ein Hardwareverwaltungs-Tool vorgestellt, das den Einstieg in das Internet of Things so einfach macht, wie nie zuvor. Weiter lesen 


Location-based Services-Spezialist Favendo übernimmt führende AR-LBS-Plattform Virtourio

Vor dem Hintergrund einer mehrjährigen erfolgreichen Innovationspartnerschaft hat der europäische Marktführer für Location-based Services, die Favendo GmbH, die Mehrheit an der Kölner MobileTechnologie-Agentur Virtourio GmbH übernommen. Weiter lesen 


Europes Favendo raises medium single digit million amount from leading growth equity investment firm

German based location-based services expert Favendo raises another medium single digit million amount for further international expansion. Among existing shareholders, Frankfurt/Main based venturecapital.de VC GmbH & Co. KGaA, a technology centric Private Equity fund has participated in this financing round. Read more 


Favendo GmbH brings forth digitalization of Thuringian mid-sized sector

Favendo’s concept of „Connected Commerce – Goethe four zero“ presented in September came out now on top in the idea contests “Digital Innovation” and “Digital platforms” organized by the Thuringian Ministry of Economics. Read more 

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Virtourio and Favendo develop innovative AR-indoor-navigation car dealer-app for Audi

On behalf of Audi AG Virtourio and Favendo developed an app with unique functions for the GWplus Zentrum Munich. The entire system is based on the modular AR-sales-app-solution Virtourio and the elementary Favendo-module for instorenavigation and location-based services.  Read more 

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Favendo Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our working philosophy at Favendo is based on our start-up like working attitude, combined with the qualifications and expertise of our employees. As a start-up, our motivation and enthusiasm while working with and for customers knows no bounds. At the same time we do not compromise when it comes to quality and sustainability.

Favendo Hardware Production

Our beacon production facility

The company owns a beacon production facility, which is situated in Germany and therefore guarantees best quality and safety standards. The geographic proximity of the production facility to our Favendo head office makes flexible and fast coordination of customer orders possible.

Favendo Locations


Favendo´s headquarter is located in Bamberg and an additional office is situated in Jena. The economic attractiveness of the regions in general, is a great foundation for the company´s activities. The newly established office in San Francisco makes it more comfortable and easier for our American customers to get into touch.

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