Champions League Indoor Positioning

When it comes to indoor positioning there might be no harder task to master than the tracking of fast moving assets in steely environments. Especially when the assets consist of more than 70 percent water. Like people.

This is why:

Indoors, positioning with the use of BLE infrastructures has proven successful. However, this technology also has to meet special challenges depending on the architecture. Bluetooth is a high-frequency radio technology.  It is affected by the strength of the walls and what material the walls are made of. While, for example, wood causes only low absorption, water and metal and also people have very high absorption qualities. This is due to the high water content of a body (over 70%) and the resonance frequency of the water, which is around 2.4 GHz, the frequency at which many wireless local networks are operated.

In particular, steel construction methods constantly challenge inexperienced planners. Steel not only attenuates, but also reflects the signals and can thus additionally falsify the accuracy of the position determination.

Also when you track children on a ship, you want their position displayed NOW. You do not want to know where your child was. But where it is. For this reason, the system must be extremely stable and the latency extremely short. The position calculation must be done locally and not on a server onshore which is only accessible via an extremely expensive and more or less stable satellite connection.

Favendo specializes in indoor positioning and mobile tracking and navigation solutions as well as infrastructure development in extremely complex environments. Favendo focuses on on-prem solutions for highest data security. The core of every service is the most accurate possible localisation of objects or people indoors.

Favendo CEO Arnaud Becuwe: “Our aim is to guarantee our customers stable infrastructures and autonomous RTLS even under the most complex conditions, such as on the high seas. We not only track assets but also fast moving people, such as children on ships.”

Favendo provides an outstanding person tracking feature within it’s Commander SDK that masters all of the above mentioned challenges AND which is in daily use on six cruise ships with over 30.000 daily concurrent app users.

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