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Favendos‚Äė Analytics comes integrated within the Commander Dashboar and visualizes all relevant data about customer and purchase behavior, motion profiles, and usage of assets. The Analytics software uses the latest evaluation-tools.

The data acquired helps to optimize current processes, promotional measures, floor-space management, and personnel deployment. It shows all statistical key figures in a concise graphical displays.


  • Data comes via MQTT
  • All KPI at a glance
  • Benchmark¬†branches and locations
  • Optimize marketing measures
  • Predict Peaktimes
  • Eliminate dead areas

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Analytics case study Terrasse du Port, Marseille

Optimizing mall configuration to increase dwell times and sales.
Terrasse du Port Management wanted to better understand the visitor flows and dwell times in their shopping mall.


Using indoor location-based data acquired through the app we are able to track visitors movements inside the mall much like the accessible analytics in e-commerce.

Basic measurements include enter and exit events for zones as well as dwell times.

Analytics Marseille

72% of customers doing the latter would continue shopping after eating.


Working with the Terrasse du Port management, we determined that the majority of people behaved in two ways after leaving one of the big anchor stores:

a) Leave the mall, or
b) visit an adjacent restaurant

Conclusions and results:

It turned out, that space inside the restaurant was limited and regularly at maximum capacity during peak times. This led to customers leaving the mall, instead of resting at the restaurant and continue shopping afterwards.

Mall management took action in doubling the capacity of the restaurant.

This resulted in a 42% increase in overall dwell times of all the customers visiting the anchor store.

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Seamless interaction between cutting-edge sensor technology and a unique software architecture results in greater insights into process streams and customer data. We enable our users to find and implement the best possible strategy to raise efficiency and overall profit.


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