Asset Tracking by Favendo. Track and Trace anything.

With Asset Tracking and People Tracking you have an overview of the position and utilisation of goods, products and employees, indoor and outdoor, down to the sub-metre range, at any time. Favendo uses different positioning and data transfer methods depending on the application.

With our high-precision asset tracking solutions, you always have a complete overview of the location and utilization of goods, products and employees at all times. Even employees and guests can be located & tracked with the help of a wearable. We offer cloud-based and on-premises solutions for highest data security.

  • Saving time when searching devices
  • Optimized safety stocks
  • Reduced downtimes
  • Real-time stock-taking
  • Theft protection
  • Maintenance predection
Asset Tracking with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Digital tracking of mobile production equipment and persons.

Favendo’s Asset Tracking System enables reliable inventory and resource management as well as effective route planning, optimized runtimes and thus a more effective planning of maintenance intervals.

See how easy our asset tracking solution works. The tags can also be used for proximity detection
and contact tracing when it comes to contagion mitigation.

We use robust BLE/Beacon technology to guarantee you the best possible positioning even in rough industrial environments. For sophisticated and individual solutions: reliable and low-maintenance. In outdoor areas such as on construction sites, in mining and on large company grounds, we use LoRaWan connectivity for data communication.

Indoor and outdoor asset tracking

In order to meet the requirements of a complete tracking solution that can be used both indoors and outdoors and for the safety of people and facilities in various industries, Favendo is cooperating with the Actility subsidiary Abeeway. The French company specializes in geolocation and tracking solutions via ultra low-power LoRaWAN connectivity and its technology perfectly complements our solution portfolio. With its proven installation and roll-out service, Favendo remains the sole contact partner. An overview of the available multi-mode trackers can be found here.

Real-Time Asset Tracking

While up to now conventional RFID solutions for tracing goods were only able to record leaving position A and arriving at position B, in a beacon infrastructure also the way from A to B can be tracked, recorded and analyzed.

Everything you need to know about Geofencing & Zone Alarm Management

    Track position and route of every asset in real-time with mobile Asset Tracking

    Anytime the system can be expanded with a precise indoor navigation to quickly find the way to the wanted asset. Guide service teams or external employees without diversion to the searched good.

    Extremely low-maintenance: Favendo uses bluloc beacons. The transmitters are extremely durable and suitable for out- and indoor deployment. The robust cases comply with the strict German fire protection regulations and can remotely be maintained and managed.

    The concept: Every object equipped with a Bluetooth sensor can be tracked by  because it permanently sends its ID. This signals are received by the Relays/Beacon Tracker and interpreted by the server’s software. The server communicates with every smart device.

    Asset Tracking case study

    Best Practice Case Study: Peninsula Regional Medical Center, Maryland, USA
    Organization: 500,000 patients per year, 3,300 employees, 300 beds (2017)
    Infrastructure: Wi-Fi network and Wi-Fi tags, 70 temperature sensors for refrigerators and operating rooms. Temperature sensors send data every 15seconds


    Asset Tracking: what else is there to know

    To learn more about Asset Tracking, we recommend our whitepaper “ASSET & PERSON TRACKING“, which you can download free of charge here. A good source of information is also the page which is available in english language, too. Our team is of course also available for interested parties. Contact us at any time on the subject of asset tracking.

    (Very) basic priciples of Positioning

    Senders transmit radio signals to a receiver. The receiver interprets these signals and determines its position within a given topography. The principles behind that are trilateration and triangulation. The elements referred to – sender, receiver, information about environment – are also found in radio based Asset Tracking solutions. With increasing distance a sent signal loses strength. At a distance of one meter it is strong, at a distance of 40 meters it is accordingly weaker. If at least three controllers receive the signal of an asset it is possible due to the signal strength to exactly determine every point in a room. For example, the asset is 1.8 meters away from controller 1, 2.1 meters from controller 2 and 3.7 meters from controller 3.

    Trilateration: The principles of positioning.

    Lateration & multi-lateration

    This kind of positioning with distance measuring by signal strength is called lateration, the effect of decreasing signal strength, that is utilized here, is called attenuation. When three signal transmitters are involved it is called trilateration, when the number of signal transmitters is even higher it is called multi-lateration.

    An additional method to determine a position is triangulation. In opposition to lateration here not only the distances to the signal transmitters but also the angles are used to determine the position of an object. For a two-dimensional identification of a position two angles and one length are needed. With angle – in technical terms “Angle of arrival” (AoA) – it is meant the angle in which the signal meets the receiver. The angle is measured by the delay of the signal (“Time of flight” TOF). TOF measures the time a signal needs to cover the distance between an object and the reference point, the known position of a sender.

    Meet Favendo

    Favendo is the trusted partner for outstanding Real Time Location Services. Our team delivers reliable and efficient solutions for manufacturing and logistics companies, public buildings and facility management, and cruise ships. To provide our customers with a solution that meets their needs one hundred percent, we partner with Quuppa and Abeeway.

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