Knowing what’s on.

With Favendo’s Asset Tracking System.

Thanks to asset tracking you always keep track about the position and utilization of goods, products and equipment. Staff and teams can also be tracked.

Asset tracking is more than tracing goods. Besides reliable management of inventory and manufacturing equipment Favendo’s Asset Tracking System also enables efficient routing, optimized running times and maintenance prediction.

  • Saving time when searching devices
  • Optimized safety stocks
  • Reduced downtimes
  • Real-time stock-taking
  • Theft-protection
  • Maintenance prediction



















Favendo provides software, hardware and asset tags, to make processes transparent and to build a bridge between the physical world and the Internet of Things.

For that we focus on a combination of beacon and RFID technology to guarantee also in rough industrial surroundings the best possible positioning. For ambitious and individual solutions: reliable and low-maintenance. The trackinig system’s open architecture enables you to further use existing RFID systems and combine them with a new infrastructure of beacons and beacon controllers.

Real-Time Tracking: While up to now conventional RFID solutions for tracing goods were only able to record leaving position A and arriving at position B, in a beacon infrastructure also the way from A to B can be tracked, recorded and analyzed.

With Mobile Asset Tracking you can also track position and route of every asset mobile and in real-time.

Anytime the system can be expanded with a precise indoor navigation to quickly find the way to wanted asset. Guide service teams or external employees without diversion to the searched good.

Extremely low-maintenance: Favendo uses bluloc beacons. The transmitters are extremely durable and suitable for out- and indoor deployment. The robust cases comply with the strict German fire protection regulations and can remotely be maintained and managed.

The concept: Every object equipped with a Bluetooth sensor can be tracked by bluloc controllers because it permanently sends its ID. This signals are received by the controllers and interpreted by the server’s software. The server communicates with every smart device.

Case Study

Best Practice Case Study: Peninsula Regional Medical Center, Maryland, USA
Organization: 500,000 patients per year, 3,300 employees, 300 beds (2017)
Infrastructure: Wi-Fi network and Wi-Fi tags, 70 temperature sensors for refrigerators and operating rooms. Temperature sensors send data every 15seconds