Asset Tracking in Hospitals: Increase Efficiency and enhance Productivity with RTLS for Healthcare

Favendo’s Bluetooth-based real time location-based services (RTLS) provides a wide range of benefits to a significant number of verticals such as manufacturing facilities, educational & research campuses, cruise ships, and mining operations. All of which have benefited from the use of BLE-based RTLS systems in terms of improved operational efficiency, reduced expenditures, fewer workplace accidents and increased end-user satisfaction. However, in none of these verticals will one find greater potential benefits from the use of Bluetooth RTLS solutions than in the healthcare sector.

Asset tracking in hospitals with Favendo's RTLS solutions

Real-time Asset and Staff Tracking with Bluetooth Tags

Favendo’s cloud-based and on-premises solutions can be used with most Bluetooth asset tags and beacons. Modern BLE beacons can be purchased with built in sensors to detect temperature, light, movement and proximity to other beacons (i.e. for Social Distancing). They also come with various power options, such as replaceable or rechargeable batteries, and can be configured to so that their battery life will last several years. With Favendo’s RTLS system, your organization can deploy a variety of BLE form factors simultaneously to track personnel, equipment and any other asset that can be fitted with a tag, in real-time under a single user-friendly system that is accessible from desktop and mobile devices. This will improve customer satisfaction by a higher serviceability and increase safety, because patients’ movements can be monitored by staff in real-time. In addition the efficiency of all processes can be increased within such complex environments like hospitals, long-term care facilities or psychiatric institutions – internal workflows as well as service-oriented processes.

Asset Tracking In Case of Emergency

In times of emergency, seconds count. With Favendo’s solution for Asset tracking in hospitals, your organization can resolve emergencies more efficiently with accurate real time locations of personnel and equipment. In short, Favendo’s solution for asset tracking in hospitals will assist your organization in reducing emergency response times and in efficiently implementing corrective actions. But not only in case of an emergency bluetooth tags can increase safety: Especially in retirement homes tags can be used to monitor patients movements all day long.

In addition to this Favendo’s RTLS system can facilitate the capture and storage of asset location data for post-event analysis. This will assist your organization in optimizing staff and equipment placement, not to mention with the formulation as future response and mitigation strategies and organizational prevention policies as well. Increase your organization’s emergency preparedness with Favendo’s RTLS system.

How RTLS Facilitates the Daily Work of Hospital Staff

The time spent searching for medical staff and equipment is, at best, wasted. At worst, it can result in the injury or death that would otherwise be preventable. Therefore, it behooves an organization, by knowing the real time location of staff and equipment, to minimize the time spent on such searches. Favendo’s RTLS system provides your organization with accurate real-time locational data that can assist your organization with reducing the amount of time spent searching for staff and equipment. Furthermore, this data can also be used to reduce the time spent on daily routines such as equipment inventory and personnel and patient checks.

Studies show that hospitals have a tendency to maintain large amounts of supplemental medical equipment to substitute for equipment that is misplaced or, otherwise, unavailable. Favendo’s beacon-based technology will help your organization reduce or avoid the costs associated with investments in supplementary medical devices by facilitating the optimal placement of medical devices.

The safety of both medical staff and patients is a primary concern in a hospital environment. Especially nurses are often in fear of being attacked by patients. Favendo’s RTLS solution will increase safety for hospital staff and reduce fears. Hence, the ability of medical staff to quickly converge on a specific place in order render assistance to one another is of the utmost importance. Favendo’s system, when paired with BLE beacons equipped with alarm buttons, can serve as an alarm-based rapid reaction system that will allow staff to alert others to an emergent call for assistance.

Asset Tracking in Hospitals: A Step towards the Future of Healthcare

To learn more about the how Favendo’s solution for asset tracking in hospitals can help your organization by fulfilling it’s potential, get in touch with us via email or telephone at your earliest available convenience. We are happy to discuss your requirements, answer your questions and, hopefully, assist you with improving your organization’s operational efficiency. Together, we will figure out a solution that fits your needs 1 by 1. Let’s shape the future of Healthcare together!

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