Asset Tracking Software by Favendo

Asset Tracking Software by Favendo helps you to track and trace any asset or person. 

What is Asset Management? In many fields of application it is of decisive importance to know the indoor location of an object: finding products in a production facility, analyzing idle times and movements – these are all applications for real-time location services (RTLS) and are implemented through digital asset management software and a sensor infrastructure.

With Asset Management Software users can see where an asset or even a tagged person is located, track and manage that information – all in real time. On the market there are not only many providers competing, but also numerous technological approaches. The rule of thumb is: the more precise the positioning, the higher the investment required.

In order to find the best solution and be able to select a suitable indoor positioning system (IPS) or asset tracking software, it is therefore essential to define ones own requirements. Do I really need an exact positioning of an asset or is it relevant for me whether an asset has reached / left a certain zone in production or is located in a certain room? In this case, it is referred to as room-precise positioning and it is one of the easiest tasks for any Asset Management Software.

Many applications (Asset TrackingIndoornavigation) can already be covered with room-accurate positioning: Patient search, monitoring of children or people in need of help, indoor navigation in complex buildings such as airports, hospitals or large shopping malls. While on the software side many companies have a Asset Tracking Software available, specialists like Favendo come into play when the environment of the assets tob e tracked becomes rougher.

Asset Management Software needs a stable infrastructure

Bluetooth Low Energy has established itself as a technology stack when it comes to Asset Management Software. The required hardware is comparatively inexpensive. In particular, the very accurate ultrawideband (UWB) requires very expensive hardware. Positioning over an often already existing Wifi network promises an accuracy of five to 15 meters. However, even these are never achieved in practice due to various technical reasons. Bluetooth Low Energy or the synonymous beacon technology achieves positioning accuracies of one to three metres and thus fulfils the requirements for room accuracy. The hardware is robust and reliable and available in an extremely wide range of forms, so that it can be used both as wearable (for patient tracking, etc.) as well as fixed in the building or reversibly installed on assets. But Bluetooth is a high-frequency radio technology.  It is affected by the strength of the walls and what material the walls are made of. While, for example, wood causes only low absorption, water and metal and also people have very high absorption qualities. This is due to the high water content of a body (over 70%) and the resonance frequency of the water, which is around 2.4 GHz, the frequency at which many wireless local networks are operated.

In particular, steel construction methods constantly challenge inexperienced planners. Steel not only attenuates, but also reflects the signals and can thus additionally falsify the accuracy of the position determination.

Also when you track children on a ship, you want their position displayed NOW. You do not want to know where your child was. But where it is. For this reason, the system must be extremely stable and the latency extremely short. The position calculation must be done locally and not on a server onshore which is only accessible via an extremely expensive and more or less stable satellite connection.

Favendo specializes in indoor positioning and mobile asset tracking and navigation solutions as well as infrastructure development in extremely complex environments. Favendo focuses on on-prem asset tracking software for highest data security.