Corona crisis: Learn, improve, be prepared!

Ventilation equipment is one of the most demanded goods worldwide in the fight against the rising death rates in the coronavirus crisis. US President Donald Trump has repeatedly assured citizens that the government has 10,000 units in stock, which it will quickly distribute to the hot spots. They are “ready to use” he said. In fact, a significant number of the vital equipment is defective. It is unclear whether the maintenance break due to a change of service provider is the cause of the defects or whether the devices have been defective before, explains the “New York Times”. “But if the problem had been regularly checked, it would have been discovered earlier.”

fight covid crisis with rtls

RTLS cannot correct political decisions. But they can help very well with the organization of logistical processes and maintenance tasks. Tracking solutions from Favendo make the use and position of assets visible.

Inventory management is of course a cost factor. If it is not automated, you need personnel to count your inventory. You then log your results manually, risking human error. Tracking solutions perform inventory automatically and permanently. Human error is eliminated. The constant monitoring of movable inventory also provides effective theft protection. Because if an asset leaves a defined zone, alarm functions can be activated automatically via geofencing.

Typically, maintenance processes are initiated either by adhering to time-dependent plans or by analyzing historical data. Tracking solutions, on the other hand, provide real-time data on mileage and service life. You can use this data to optimize your maintenance planning and thus reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

Of course, no one – apart from a few experts whose warnings went unheard – expected a catastrophe of this dimension. This makes it all the more important to take the findings from the current crisis with you, analyse them and implement the to-dos resulting from the analysis in order to be prepared for future crises.

There are several methods for tracking medical devices. The technology is available with Bluetooth. While Bluetooth is the technological basis for asset tracking, RSSI (also known as Beaconing) and AoA are two different methods for calculating the position of an asset. The methods allow different positioning accuracies.

RSSI enables positioning between one and three meters, which can already cover many tracking requirements in large warehouses. With the AoA method, locationing in the submeter range are possible, which also makes it possible to precisely locate small assets and to clearly identify assets that are stored close together.

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