These 3 groups of people benefit from digitalization in the healthcare sector

Digitalization has now entered almost all areas of everyday life, and each of us uses digital media every day: for shopping, to stay in touch with family and friends, for banking, travelling or for sport. But digitalization also offers many opportunities in the area of health and can help to overcome future challenges of the healthcare system.

Digitization in Healthcare

What are the digital technologies in healthcare?

Digitalization in the healthcare sector includes, for example, electronic medical records, digital consultation hours, the measurement of health data via app, but also medical asset tracking. The focus here is particularly on simplified exchange between doctors, nursing staff and patients.

The basis of all these processes is digital data. Either of the patients themselves or of medical devices, buildings or medical staff. If this data is brought together in a structured form and new possibilities for access and communication have been created, completely new and, above all, accelerated diagnostic and treatment options will emerge.

For example, if a hospital’s asset tracking system is integrated into an existing HIS, medical and administrative data on equipment and patients can be brought together directly. This simplifies the work of medical staff enormously.

Who benefits from digital solutions in the healthcare sector?

Digitalization in the healthcare sector benefits doctors, nurses and patients alike. This is because communication is accelerated by the merging of digital data. Doctors can exchange information about patients’ conditions faster and more easily, nursing staff can respond more quickly to patients’ needs, and patients themselves benefit from better and more affordable care.

On top of that, digital solutions such as asset tracking also counteract the shortage of skilled workers. That’s because reduced search times and rapid availability of staff and medical equipment allow for more efficient patient care overall while maintaining the same level of staffing. Unnecessary search times for assets also cost healthcare organizations an unnecessary amount of money. It is precisely this cost factor that can be counteracted with the digitization of the healthcare system.

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    IT security and data protection in the digitalized healthcare system

    Health data is particularly worthy of protection. That is why it is particularly important in the healthcare system to have a coherent overall concept for digitalization. Favendo offers the installation of its medical asset tracking solution cloud-based as well as on-premises. Both variants comply with the highest data protection guidelines and are DSGVO-compliant. As a recognized provider of indoor location solutions, Favendo is the partner when it comes to healthcare digitization issues.

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