New in Favendo’s Portfolio: The Asset Tracking Viewer

Are you looking for an end-to-end solution for asset tracking that is simple, fast and can be used independently of an ERP system? Then Favendo offers you the Asset Tracking Viewer, an easy-to-use front-end solution for searching and tracking assets in real time, regardless of system, hardware, or software.  

Whether finished or semi-finished products, tools, vehicles, mobile machines or even people – with the help of the Asset Tracking Viewer, all tagged assets can be displayed in real time on your company’s floor plan. We use geofences to display the floor plan. This makes the ATV even more flexible. You can define different zones, e.g., for orientation, and display them in different colors. In addition, you have the possibility to easily remove or add parts of your company premises at any time. Completely flexible and scalable – just as your use case requires. 

Which tracking technology is used to capture the position data of the tagged assets is secondary, as the geolocation data is fed into the ATV in GeoJSON format via third-party APIs. So, depending on the individual conditions, the tracking system can be based on GPS, LoRa, Bluetooth or another technology.  

Asset Tracking viewer Favendo

In the Asset Tracking Viewer front-end it looks like this:

Favendo Asset Tracking Viewer front-end

Geofences define the zones of a building where tagged mobile assets can be tracked. The green pins reflect the real-time location of each asset:

favendo asset tracking viewer start page

The search bar can be used to find any tagged asset and identify its location on the map:

favendo asset tracking viewer search bar

Clicking on an asset opens a pop-up in which the information stored for the asset is displayed:

favendo asset tracking viewer pop up

The ATV features at a glance:  

  • Access via web browser 
  • Identification of different rooms/areas via geofencing 
  • Clear interface with map and search bar 
  • Display either trackables or controllers 
  • Complete overview of all mobile assets 
  • Transparency over asset locations 
  • Customizable update rates 
  • Search for assets by trackable ID and/or asset name 
  • Display of asset information on click (pop-up markers) 

And what do I get out of using the Asset Tracking Viewer? 

Favendo’s ATV is accessible via browser from any device. If the system is installed on-premises, not even an internet connection is required. The end-user tool can be used on the shopfloor as well as at management level.  

Your benefits: 

  • Reduced search times 
  • Reduced costs 
  • Increased efficiency 
  • Improved processes 
  • Versatile in use 
  • Easy to integrate (open API) 
  • No CRM/ERP system required 
  • Relieves employees 

Curious? You can find more information about the Favendo Asset Tracking Viewer here. Or make a non-binding appointment right here for more information and to discuss your potential use cases.  

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