People tracking: What it comes down to

In addition to tracking objects, goods, tools, etc., real-time location systems can also be used to track people. Using Bluetooth transmitters, for example in the form of a wristband or integrated into employee or visitor badges, the whereabouts of employees, guests or patients could be made transparent at any time within an infrastructure. COULD, because the subjunctive is extremely important in this context. Unlike when it comes to tools, material or equipment, tracking people naturally involves important factors: data protection on the one hand and the protection of the personal rights of each individual on the other. It is more important than ever to include and comply with the legal and regulatory framework.

People Tracking with Favendo RTLS

Good reasons for people tracking

Of course, there are still good reasons for companies in a wide range of industries to install tracking solutions. Whether it’s for lone workers on large construction sites, in complex industrial plants, in open-cast mining and quarrying, or even in hospitals or care facilities, people tracking can make a significant contribution to workplace safety. Combined with a personal emergency signal system, help can be sent to the injured person quickly and efficiently in the event of an accident at work, because their whereabouts can be identified quickly and in real time.

In the same way, however, persons suffering from dementia or otherwise in need of assistance can regain some of their personal freedom with the help of a tracking solution by being able to move freely within their facility, but still being able to be located at any time in an emergency or having an alarm triggered if they leave a predefined area.  Medical personnel also benefit from such a solution when it comes to self-protection. In times of Corona, people tracking can also be used for contagion mitigation through social distancing and contact tracing.

Transparency & communication are essential

For the implementation of a people tracking solution to be a complete success, it is essential that all parties concerned are on board and involved in the decision-making process from the very beginning. No matter how good the company’s reasons, a lack of transparency and communication can quickly lead to suspicions of employee spying or surveillance.

As key multipliers, works councils and workers’ health and safety officers must not only be informed, but also involved in the decision-making process. Because even if progressive digitization now offers companies an almost inexhaustible pool of measures for increasing productivity and efficiency, failure is inevitable if employees do not support the change. Successful change management starts in everyone’s mind – not just with the choice of the right technology or the most cost-effective solution.

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