Zone Alarm Management – Going beyond asset tracking

The meaning of asset tracking is already known by many people. Objects, vehicles, tools, but also people can be equipped with a tag and (in our case) be located in real time. This creates transparency and security.

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Favendo’s asset tracking is based on Bluetooth (BLE) beaconing and works with the RSSI method. That means the position calculations, are based on distance measurements, which are based on the evaluation of the received signal strength. Or to put it simpler: The greater the distance, the weaker the signal. With the help of 3 beacon controllers receiving the signal, the position of the asset in a room can then be determined based on the different distances (and received signal strengths). This is called trilateration. We also refer to this as room accurate positioning. Certain use cases require a higher accuracy, in which case the AoA or AoD technology is used, more about this can be found here.

Room accuracy, however, does not mean that tracking is limited to actually existing rooms, i.e. rooms that have been built according to a construction plan, as it were. Geofences can be used to create additional zones within these architecturally existing rooms. This means that a large industrial hall can be divided into, for example, 5 zones without any real spatial delimitation within the tracking environment. We call these zones geofences. Geofences can be created individually in Favendo’s RTLS Commander – depending on the use case.

Alarm Management and Geofences

But what is the advantage of these zones? On the one hand, it makes it easier to find assets if particularly large rooms are divided into zones. On the other hand, the Commander Location Engine also offers the possibility to integrate a zone alarm management. This is particularly advantageous for theft protection or people tracking. The procedure differs only marginally from classic asset tracking.

Basically, the Commander Location Engine calculates the position of the tagged assets in the room, just like in a normal tracking use case. However, tags that are supposed to trigger an alarm in case of certain position changes are configured accordingly beforehand. If the position of the “alarm tag” now changes and leaves or enters a previously defined zone, the Zone Alarm Manager triggers an alarm. This means that an API is triggered by the movement of the tag, which initiates all further steps and so finally a so-called listener receives the information about the alarm. A listener can be the person responsible for the tracking system, who is then alerted via his device, or simply the frontend application, which displays a visual and/or acoustic alarm.

Example: A certain area in a production hall is considered a designated hazardous area due to heavy machinery and partly hazardous production materials and is defined as a zone via the Commander Location Engine. Whenever a person who is not authorized for the designated area, for example because they are not trained to handle hazardous materials, enters the zone, an alarm is triggered. This alarm is then passed on to the listener via an API. The prerequisite in this case is that all persons are equipped with an asset tag, which is configured in advance depending on their qualifications or group membership.

But the whole thing also works as theft protection: If expensive equipment or vehicles are provided with a custom-configured asset tag and, for example, the outer boundaries of the company premises are defined as a zone, then an alarm is triggered as soon as the asset leaves the premises.

The advantage of Favendo’s Zone Alarm Manager is its fast response capability. You’ll receive the alarm in real time, that is, with a latency of no more than 30 seconds, so you’ll always be able to react quickly. Whether it’s about people in danger or the theft of valuables.

Moreover, the Zone Alarm Manger is customizable for any use case, the zones are individually configurable and the functionality not only integrates with Favendo’s BLE tracking solution, but also works in combination with partner technologies such as Quuppa’s Intelligent Locating System or Actility’s Geolocation solutions.

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