Location-based Security

Location-based security is the prevention of crime at a specific location by means of portable, digital personal emergency signal systems. With the help of radio-capable devices, such as a portable emergency call button, a call for help can be made quickly and discreetly in threatening situations.

Depending on the scenario and selected configuration, either friends, colleagues or professional emergency services are immediately notified when a call for help is made. Thanks to the system, those in a hurry not only know who called for help, but also which medical characteristics (e.g. allergies and blood group) are present in the person calling for help and from where the call for help was made.

Many personal emergency signal systems available on the market work with a GPS-based localisation method and are therefore only suitable for outdoor applications. In closed rooms, Bluetooth beacons are the ideal indoor positioning system (IPS). Location-based security products are able to precisely detect their position using a beacon infrastructure and pass this information on to a service control centre when an emergency call is made. The incoming emergency call appears there clearly recognizable as a visual and acoustic warning in a so-called dashboard (English for program interface) and provides all relevant information on both the person in need and the current location at a glance.

Location-based Security not only used in cases of emergency

However, location-based security products are not only used for communication in emergencies, but also for the quick request for support. In addition, it can be used to optimally coordinate the disposition of existing resources. Especially in large building complexes, such as shopping centres, security personnel have to travel long distances and rarely efficiently cover all critical parts of the building despite the high manpower. By wearing the intelligent buttons, itineraries can be recorded and analysed for optimisation purposes, so that the right number of personnel is always available at the right place at the right time.