Near-field Communication (NFC)

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. Based on RFID, this technology is also an international transmission standard for wireless data transmission over short distances.


  • very safe
  • low energy consumption


  • low range

Data is exchanged via electromagnetic induction using loosely coupled coils and at a maximum transmission rate of 424 kBit/s. Since the maximum range of 10 cm is even shorter than with RFID, for example, the strengths of the technology lie less in the area of positioning than, for example, in mobile payment and contactless access controls.

Meanwhile, the technology is also used as a supplement to Bluetooth to facilitate the connection of two devices. Instead of entering a passcode into both devices, pairing is established via NFC contact. The NFC Forum was founded in 2004 by Sony, Nokia and NXP Semiconductors to promote the technology. The aim was to promote the standardization and implementation of the technology and to ensure compatibility between devices and services.