Property Tech – Combination of intelligent building and room management

The term Property Tech combines intelligent building and room management on the basis of location-based services. Sensor-based property tech systems (or Prop-Tech) are the basis for flexible office organization forms such as desk sharing or open space. On the other hand, however, they also reveal tangible economic savings potential in commercial property management.

Property Tech in practice

In an office building, for example, employees can use a mobile workspace consulting solution to find out about available workstations via app, book conference rooms and workstations and share their location with colleagues if desired. The quick wins of intelligent building and room management based on location-based services: Rooms that are not used do not need constant lighting, coupled air conditioning and heating can be reduced. Less used rooms can be cleaned at longer intervals, etc.

The basis of such “Smart Office” solutions is the interaction between a sensor infrastructure, mobile smartphone app and administrative backend. BLE beacons have so far proven to be superior to all other local radio techniques and video surveillance systems. They are inexpensive, discreet and low-maintenance and have proven themselves in countless location-based services solutions for industry, tourism and retail. In contrast to reading booking and calendar systems, the sensors only record actual occupancy and movements in the room.