Beacon Management made easy

Favendos indoor positioning system enables corporate customers to work completely by themselves with the bluetooth sensor infrastructure which we have set for them. Thats why we made the beacon management part as user friendly as possible.

The complete hardware of the bluetooth sensor infrastructure can be intuitively and easily operated with the Commander’s webbased frontend. The interface also provides any needed information about function and status level of every beacon resulting in easy and efficient maintenance of the infrastructure.

Beacon Management core functions

  • Setting up hardware / hardware check-up
  • Setting up zone alterings
  • Assigning data to assets

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Geofencing and zone alerting

Here the zones are defined in which certain actions should be triggered or in which certain assets should be tracked.

Geofencing is a a neologism from geographic and fence. By geofencing for example an immobilizer device can be activated if a car leaves a defined zone. The zone can for example be a construction site, a festival area or a defined zone within a building.

Zone altering means if actions like push notifications are supposed to be triggered not at a certain point but when entering, leaving or staying in defined zones for example at the entrance area of an exhibition. For example, if a visitor, who has the corresponding app installed, enters the area and with that the defined radio signal radius, a push notification is triggered on his smart phone. This is independent from the point where he goes through the imaginary fence.

Assigning data to assets

In the case of asset tracking or person tracking, the data sets are assigned to the individual wearable or bluetooth asset tags so that your staff knows exactly which individual or which asset is covered by which tag. The system provides information on the status of each individual tag and when and where a particular tag was last active within the infrastructure. 

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