For the most effective iBeacon deployments and advanced RTLS

Bluetooth Beacons: the bedrock of proximity.

Beacons of the highest quality are the bedrock of our advanced proximity and real time indoor location solutions (RTLS) like precise positioning and indoor navigation. So let’s take a look at an exemplary beacon and learn what’s important. You also might check out our beacon glossary:

The bluloc Blackwell case is dust and splash proof, flame resistant, and ready to be customized in your own color and with your company logo.

Every bluloc Blackwell beacon comes with a powerful Lithium Battery that lasts up to four years with minimal maintenance.

Removable & flame resistant base plate with four screw holes for fix mounting onto any surface. Never lose position again.

Every bluloc Blackwell is equipped with an extremely-powerful and highly-sensitive bluetooth transmitter for the best tracking and positioning results.

A flame resistant case utilizing a click mechanism for easy mounting and disassembling to and from the mount bracket for comfortable battery replacement.

Revolutionary over-the-air updates.

We are constantly working to improve our advanced and power-saving Blackwell firmware. With our OTA-Updates you will always be up to date without even touching the hardware.

beacons are the bedrock of advanced rtls

What ever you are planning

We will find the right hardware solution for you in our portfolio. If you are planning a project, we will of course take care of selecting the most suitable hardware, beacon planning, installation and, if desired, maintenance. Please note that we are not hardware vendors and we do not sell beacons outside of a project. 

Beacon Deployment Guide

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