Buy beacons on a complex market

Buy Beacons has never been easier and at the same time more difficult than today. Because if you want to buy beacons, our experience shows that you are actually looking for a complete solution for your requirements and not for a ten-pack of BLE beacons. You probably want to set up wayfinding in your Building, a retail solution or asset tracking

Buy Beacons at Amazon & Co.

If you only want to buy beacons, go to Amazon and search for “beacons”. The selection on this platform is very large. Much smaller are references like that of a provider from Asia represented there: There’s only iBeacon device without instruction. When giving this to a friend please make sure they are well informed of the instruction info.” If you continue searching, you may find hints like this: “[vendor name] have an Android app but not an iOS app.” That means: The package arrives and the support ends. The surprises are inevitable.

Buy Beacons – Beacons are Favendos foundation for location based services. But the market is complex.

Our experience at Favendo shows that our customers are not so much hardware nerds as they are marketing or digital marketing professionals who are looking for creative solutions to a specific challenge. They do not care which hardware is used to implement this solution at the end. Nevertheless, the term “Beacons” is understandably synonymous with location-based services. Buying Beacons today therefore means wanting to invest in a solution.

Investing in solutions instead of buying beacons

The technological development and the possible applications of the small BLE transmitters are now so advanced that the interested layman can quickly lose the overview. The difference between iBeacons and Eddystone beacons or the corresponding firmware is one of the simpler decision criteria. But what are mesh-enabled beacons, how important is the use of crypto beacons also with regard to the current DSGVO discussion? What are sensor beacons and what advantages does the ability to equip beacons with additional sensors for temperature, air pressure, humidity and acceleration offer, especially in industry 4.0? Are Beacons the solution for the requirements or is RFID technology or WIFI positioning not more in demand?*

Beacons are devices with which you can do very smart things. If you know how. If you don’t know this, but instead know what you want to do, then you better contact a solution provider like Favendo, who will accompany you from the idea to its implementation. And who guarantees to buy the right sensors and beacons for you.

*Here you find our Beacon-Glossary