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Commander –¬†Mastering IoT.

A digital command center that manages and administers all services.


With the Commander, Favendo provides the highly modular backend and the corresponding front end to control the SDK (Software Development Kit) integrated into an app, the MapView SDK or the White-Label App, depending on the customer’s requirements.

The management of the installed beacons can be handled by the Commander as well as the maintenance of navigation paths and Proximity Marketing content. Your digital command center is multi-client capable and supports the integration of multiple apps per customer.

You want to integrate our location-based services into your existing Android or iOS app? Then our Favendo Commander SDK allows you to easily integrate the basic functions positioning, navigation, asset tracking, proximity marketing and clear profile management.

favendo sdk commander

The Commander MapView SDK also gives external developers the ability to integrate an indoor map including marker management, navigation graphs and turn-by-turn directions into their own app. All design elements are flexibly adaptable to customer requirements.

If you do not have your own iOS or Android app, Favendo can also provide the services you need via a customizable White Label app. The app includes the MapView SDK and allows positioning and navigation, the definition of Points of Interest and Proximity Marketing.

For example, our SDK is in use in apps by HPE, Karstadt, Phoenix Contact, Trilux, Audi and Adler Mannheim.


In the corresponding dashboard, you will find all the relevant data on customer and purchasing behavior collected via the SDK or the White Label App clearly displayed and visualized. You can see all relevant key figures, peak times or “dead” areas at a glance. With the help of the obtained data, you can not only optimize your marketing measures, but also area management and personnel deployment.