Proximity Detection – Contact Tracing – Contagion Mitigation

Our multi-vendor approach to CoVID-19: We help corporate customers from all industries to secure their business by advising on, selecting and implementing an appropriate contact tracing health solution for contagion mitigation:

  • meet public expectations and hygiene concepts
  • protect employees
  • protect guests and visitors
Secure Business in Offices, Plants and on Ships. Image courtesy of Actility.

In the face of the corona crisis, Safty Solution today means above all tracking solutions to limit the spread of viruses and trace contacts. The aim is to contain and early detect centres of infection and super spreaders.

Favendo’s Multi-Vendor approach to CoVID-19

As an integrator of state-of-the-art tracking and location technology from renowned companies such as Actility and DeCurtis, Favendo can rely on the anti-contagion solutions of these market-leading manufacturers.

Our customers benefit from mature technology and the integration of a custom-fit and proven solution by our location and tracking specialists.

We enable our customers to:

  • protect guests, employees and companies
  • trace contacts live and historically
  • ensure social distancing through proximity detection
  • contactless temperature measurement (face recognition optional)

Proximity Detection & Contact Tracing

People are the most important asset in an organization, so every company should enforce distance policies to prevent the spread of coronavirus within the workforce.

Compliance with safety measures is critical to the proper operation of business and to avoiding costly temporary shutdowns.

These needs have led Actility to develop a solution for proximity detection and contact tracing.

Learn more about Proximity Detection and Contact Tracing.


Using a multi-faceted approach to mitigate the risk made apparent by the COVID-19 pandemic, Shield is a standalone solution that can make an immediate impact by efficiently collecting health information at any secure entry and exit point.

By using a combination of facial recognition and thermal imaging to assess temperature, Shield captures actionable data, allowing industries to quickly deploy this solution to protect their guests, employees, and business.

Learn more about SHIELD.

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