Bluetooth 5.1 against COVID-19: Our solution to secure your business

COVID-19 will not be the world’s last health emergency. Favendo’s BLE-based proximity detection and contact tracing solution gives your business an additional layer of sustainable health emergency preparedness. Favendo’s technology, when used in conjunction with Actility’s reliable and GDPR-compliant Abeeway Smart Badge™, accurately monitors and maintains physical distancing between wearers. Favendo’s solution will protect your personnel by providing your organization with a user-friendly method of maintaining social-distancing guidelines while providing GDPR-compliant contact tracing capabilities.

Bluetooth 5.1 against covid-19: Secure your business with Favendo's preventative solution for contagion mitigation.

How it works:

Favendo provides your organization with smart badges. Smart badges are wearable multi-mode trackers in ID card format that are equipped with GPS, Low-power GPS, Wi-Fi Sniffer, BLE and LoRaWAN TDoA geolocation sensors that support accurate and continuous outdoor and indoor geolocation. These SmartBadges are configured IAW your organizations policies and issued to employees, clientele and any other personnel while they are on your organization’s premises.

What happens if the safety distance is violated?

If proximity thresholds are violated, the smart badge will immediately notify the wearers of their proximity to one another via an acoustic and visual alarm. These alarms will remind the wearers of physical distancing guidelines and will persist until the minimal acceptable distance between the devices is achieved. The physical distancing thresholds, i.e. the distance of when an alarm should occur, can be configured in accordance with your organization’s physical distance policies.

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  • Visual and acoustic alerts
  • Configurable proximity thresholds
  • Precise and reliable proximity detection
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Serve as a reminder of the physical distancing, the most effective preventative solution dealing with contagious diseases  

Bluetooth 5.1 against COVID-19: Contact tracing made easy

All encounters that are detected by the SmartBadges, are reported to the business application provided by Actility’s partner WMW. The WMW Business Application provides your organization with the capability to digitally trace back chains of infection. Through the dashboard of the business application, your organization can receive GDPR-compliant data pertaining to close encounters, including their duration, over user-selected periods of time. In the event of an infection, your organization can use this information to quickly and easily trace potential chains of infection and contact potentially exposed personnel.

Although a 100% effective defense against COVID-19, and many other contagions, has yet to be developed, Favendo’s technology will assist your organization with protecting its personnel by rapidly and effectively reacting to an infection, as well as keeping the number of affected personnel to a minimum, by assisting with identifying, informing and monitoring potential infection chains.

Are you interested in testing our solution at your business? Contact us for a free demo.

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