Positioning & tracking solutions on

Cruise Ships.

Indoor navigation

Secure the holiday pleasure of your guests from the first second on. Indoor navigation ensures that your guests find their way on board straightaway. A glance at the smartphone is all it takes.

Friend & Family Locator

With the Family and Friends Locator nobody gets lost anymore. Everyone relaxes. Parents always know where their children are. Friends don’t lose sight of each other anymore.


Always stay in touch with your guests. Our proximity solutions ensure the best flow of information in all directions. The smartphone becomes the central on-board tourist info. Information on point.

Competence and experience for the pleasure of your guests.

We are the experienced partner for positioning related solutions on cruise ships. Favendo is the only supplier that can build the completely self-sufficient sensor infrastructure required at sea in this extreme environment. We have already sent 11,000 beacons and 2,600 beacon controllers aboard five ships across the seven seas. 

Take a look at how MSC uses RTLS with their awesome guest app.

Frequently asked questions.

Do we need any hardware?

You need a sensor infrastructure and WLAN. Favendo takes care of the planning, distribution, installation and maintenance of the sensors. We use licensed BLE radio transmitters. Beacons? Yes, beacons. On request, we can provide partners for WLAN installation.

Do I need an app?

For most of our services you need an app or special wearables. We provide our software as SDK (Software Development Kit). The SDK can be integrated into your app by your agency. Of course, our developers support and accompany this process.

How accurate is the positioning?

With beacons you can currently achieve an accuracy of at least three to five meters, which is completely sufficient for the services we offer. The accuracy depends strongly on the architectural conditions (building material, height and size of the facilities, etc.) and the experience of the beacon planners. We achieve the highest level of accuracy even in completely steel environments.

Where's the data going?

We offer our solutions on premises. This is essential for self-sufficient solutions on ships. All data remains on your own servers and is your accountability. However, all data is of course ready for analysis and integration into CRM and ERP systems.

I am from the States. How can we meet?

To schedule a meet and greet with our CEO and Head of Cruise Ship solutions at the Seatrade Cruise Global event in Miami, April 8th – 11th 2019 contact info@favendo.com or our Sales Representative in the US, brennan.farrell@favendo.com. Or call direct USA: 1(919)605-8584.

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