A cockpit for your digital business.

Favendo’s dashboard provides a single point of access for all digital operations.

Manage your complete digital business from one single easy-to-use dashboard.

Sensor management

Beacon Management

Our dashboard can be used intuitively and easily to operate your complete hardware.
content management

Content Management

We enable our clients to determine beacon zones and all content or events by themselves.
License allocation

License Allocation

Flexible limitation and control of your infrastructure through digital ownership.
sensor management

Sensor Management

It has never been easier to plan your new beacon deployments. The cockpit determines the zones, within which the user receives certain push-messages, or specific assets can be tracked. The cockpit also provides information about the functions and status level of every bluloc beacon resulting in easy and efficient maintenance.

dashboard sensor management
Dashboard content management
location & content management

Location & Content Management

We give you full control over all the settings that relate to specific promotional measures: cluster beacons to certain zones. Organize campaigns. Design push-messages and provide audiovisual content. Areas can be changed, activated or deactivated via remote control, without having to re-install the beacons.

License Allocation

The easy-to-use dashboard enables the owner of each sensor e.g. beacon infrastructure to directly and comfortably provide sub-licenses and access control to branches and third parties. This offers a comfortable additional revenue source if desired. Being the principal owner of the beacon-network, you still have control over the transmitted content of sub-license owners.

Boost your business with favendo.

Seamless interaction between cutting-edge sensor technology and a unique software architecture results in greater insights into process streams and customer data. We enable our users to find and implement the best possible strategy to raise efficiency and overall profit.