Health and safety on cruise ships – Mitigation Strategies and Location Solutions.

Together with our partner DeCurtis we want to help cruise lines and any other industries to increase the safety, security and health of their ecosystem. Because global health and safety leadership is critical to business.

DeCurtis Shield – a standalone solution that mitigates health risk, and supports protocols to reduce the spread of illness.

Using a multi-faceted approach to mitigate the risk made apparent by the COVID-19 pandemic, Shield is a standalone solution that can make an immediate impact by efficiently collecting health information at any secure entry and exit point. By using a combination of facial recognition and thermal imaging to assess temperature, Shield captures actionable data, allowing industries to quickly deploy this solution to protect their guests, employees, and business.

Health and Safety on cruise ships - decurtis Shield

By placing Shield kiosks throughout an environment, health is continually monitored, allowing for quick actions to be taken to lessen the spread of illness. Early intervention makes a direct impact in reducing the severity of outbreaks.

DeCurtis Shield is ushering in a new health and safety standard, providing the following benefits:

  • Standalone solution for easy adoption
  • Continuous monitoring throughout any indoor environment
  • Provides actionable data to mitigate risk
  • Put guests, crew and visitors at ease
  • Proactive protocols to limit risk of outbreak

Ultimately, you will define and operationalize your “New Normal.”

The actions you take when you identify someone who is potentially contagious is up to your team. For example, additional screening, mask mandate or change in cleaning protocol.

DeCurtis Shield can start as a standalone solution and mature into a more robustly integrated solution, meaning this suite of tools will not be obsolete when this current crisis subsides. Turning a complex indoor einvironment like a cruise ship into a location-and-proximity aware ecosystem will have many benefits to operational efficiencies and experience transformation well into the future.

A truly location-enabled ecosystem is the only path to next-generation health, safety, and security infrastructure.

The ecosystem for health and safety on cruise ships we offer in addition to Shield kiosks is comprised of beacons and gateways, but not in the traditional model of stationary beacons. Ships are outfitted with stationary gateways to not only enable the environment to learn about the population onboard but also to gather data that can assist in an onboard illness situation. The gateways are each capable of processing thousands of beacon-reads simultaneously and intelligently. Guests and crew are outfitted with “hard” beacons in the form of wearables or generate “soft” beacons using their mobile devices.

The collected data s then aggregated for an individual guest or crew member to create a retroactive timeline to see where they have been and who they have interacted with before, during, and after the incubation period of illness. This data empowers the medical staff to create a more impactful plan to clean the areas needed and quarantine potentially infected guests and crew.

Increasing operational efficiency during times of an onboard illness is critical to control not only the spread of the illness but the spread of uncertainty and fear onboard.

Real-time and retroactive insights required for safety and security response:

Health and Safety Maturity Model

DeCurtis Shield as well as our Location Solution is part of the health and safety maturity model (HSMM), a proposed and living framework to assist cruise lines in planning their adoption of new policies, procedures, technology and approaches to increase the health and safety of all souls on board. Created in response to the COVID-19 crisis and its effects on our industry, this model endeavours to guide approaches focused on group environments.

The goal is to establish a new, safer baseline as a minimum path to launch or reopen and provide enhanced safety protocols that cruise lines, venues or any complex indoor environment can opt into for increased health and security.

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