Indoor maps for professional needs

Favendo offers two possible ways to implement indoor maps via their indoor mapping software. The Google Maps implementation and the Favendo MapView implementation, which allows uploading of custom floorplans/maps as JPEG and PNG files. While users in Google Maps mode have to rely on Google’s map design and this mode does not allow individual customization, the Favendo MapView implementation can be used to upload customized floor plans in design and CI.


Favendos map service enables the transparent visualization of even large, complex interiors without having to rely on external services such as GoogleMaps. We provide the necessary tools to build and deploy the indoor maps you need. The ideal way to display your locations depends very much on the type of building. And, of course, on the target group that should use the map. Is it a trade fair map for business visitors or do you want to encourage customers to discover the surroundings for themselves with your help? Or should rescue teams be directed on the shortest possible way to the scene of an emergency inside the building?

We will help you to answer these questions and consequently develop the right map for your requirements.

Favendo turns your location data into interactive maps.

With Favendo you can provide your visitors or customers with relevant information immediately an help them find their way around. Our overall solution enables our customers to easily link locations on the map with content.

Favendo’s indoor maps management core functions:

  • Implementing indoor maps
  • Setting points and graphs for indoor navigation/wayfinding
  • Setting positioning sources

Favendo offers developers several settings that adjust the behavior of the indoor map and all navigation and wayfinding elements like position marker to customers liking. For example, can the initial level be set which is shown when the map is opened which is a central feature if you want to set up an indoor navigation in a multi-storey building or on ships with several decks. Favendo offers a complete documentation to all of their many possible Map Management features for iOS and for Android.

The map management features can also be used to activate additional data sources in order to achieve the most accurate positioning possible, if this is necessary. Gyroscope and compass can then be activated additionally. Thanks to these map management features, Favendos Commander Location Engine can achieve an accuracy of 1 – 3 meters. To reach sub-meter level, Favendo uses Hardware by Quuppa based on the Angle of Arrival Method.

Indoor maps navigation features:

One of the core features of the map is indoor routing / turn by turn navigation. It uses the navigation API provided by the Commander SDK and displays the resulting Navigation Route accordingly. This already comes with an action button that triggers turn by turn navigation to the selected venue. There is no further implementation effort needed if this behaviour suits your use case. Via the IndoorPath-Feature polylines on the map can be managed. This is because an Indoor Path has many indoor locations which are just connected via a line. Favendo has implemented several methods which are involved when showing the path for a navigation route. By this, the navigation path and the line both can simply be customized.

The mapping service is part of the Favendo RTLS solution that combines asset tracking, wayfinding and proximity marketing functions. In addition to the application-specific positioning, the type of presentation is a decisive criterion. An attractive visualization of the indoor map significantly enhances the user experience and increases all factors of app usage. Thus, a user-friendly display resulting from a developer-friendly mapping software is a crucial component for the success of your RTLS project. Favendo delivers the complete package.

Meet Favendo

Favendo is the trusted partner for outstanding Real Time Location Services. Our team delivers reliable and efficient solutions for manufacturing and logistics companies, public buildings and facility management, and cruise ships. To provide our customers with a solution that meets their needs one hundred percent, we partner with Quuppa and Abeeway.

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