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Control digital infrastructures with a single dashboard and benefit from wayfinding, proximity marketing, asset tracking and other innovative location-based services at the touch of a button. Flexible and fully modular.

Working with the Favendo modules.

Beacon infrastructure

Build a sensor-based infrastructure.

Building a reliable and low maintenance beacon infrastructure starts with choosing the right partner. Favendo does not only offer high quality encrypted beacons made in Germany but also supports you on your way from the very beginning from planning to roll-out.

Once the beacons are installed we offer you the tools to keep total control of your infrastructure without even leaving your desk. Areas can be clustered, changed, activated or deactivated via remote control, without even having to touch the beacons. The revolutionary OTA-Update enables you to keep the firmware always up to date with the help of your dashboard.

Use and offer unique location-based services.

Be sure to offer your demanding customers the mobile services they are looking for. Favendo has them ready to use: sophisticated, high class location-based services that can easily be integrated into any existing app via SDK.

Once the Software Development Kit is integrated into your app the desired services can be activated by the touch of a button. From positioning to turn-by-turn-navigation to classic proximity marketing: Our technology enables e.g. the retailer to address the customer via Smartphone with individually tailored offers directly at the POI/POS.

unique location-based services

See all KPI’s at a glance.

Favendos‘ data visualization comes integrated within the Commander dashboard and displays any important data about customer , motion profiles and usage of assets. All statistical key figures are shown in a concise graphical display.

The data acquired helps to optimize current processes, promotional measures, floor-space management, and personnel deployment. Heat map view makes it easy to understand your data. All data can be fully integrated in third party ERP or CRM systems.

Optimize business- and marketing strategies.

Favendos’ solutions are built to reveal customer behavior and meet customers needs. Via asset tracking it helps you to keep a complete overview about the whereabouts of subjects of interest.

  • Base your decision-making about marketing strategies on the widest base of data available
  • Favendos advanced efficiency algorithm helps you to optimize routes and adaption of tasks
  • Utilize new channels for a direct customer approach in- & outside your infrastructure
  • Address your customers with individually tailored offers directly at the POI/POS
  • Offer visitors and customers useful services they are really looking for

Analytics case study Terrasse du Port, Marseille

Optimizing mall configuration to increase dwell times and sales.
Terrasse du Port Management wanted to better understand the visitor flows and dwell times in their shopping mall.


Using indoor location-based data acquired through the app we are able to track visitors movements inside the mall much like the accessible analytics in e-commerce.

Basic measurements include enter and exit events for zones as well as dwell times.

Analytics Marseille

72% of customers doing the latter would continue shopping after eating.


Working with the Terrasse du Port management, we determined that the majority of people behaved in two ways after leaving one of the big anchor stores:

a) Leave the mall, or
b) visit an adjacent restaurant

Conclusions and results:

It turned out, that space inside the restaurant was limited and regularly at maximum capacity during peak times. This led to customers leaving the mall, instead of resting at the restaurant and continue shopping afterwards.

Mall management took action in doubling the capacity of the restaurant.

This resulted in a 42% increase in overall dwell times of all the customers visiting the anchor store.


Interrelate on- & offline data to gain more insight. Enrich your proximity marketing portfolio by connecting external AdServer.

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Connect public data and location-based data to create a unique travel experience for your customers. Open a new channel to customers for your tenants.

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Digital Health.

Optimize work processes and inventory usage to reduce running costs and increase profit. Be informed about motion profiles and usage of your assets.

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Link existing visitor data with public data to increase marketing success, while optimizing visitor satisfaction and service at the same time.

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Facility Management/Property Tech.

Track employees and/or inventory and interrelate with incoming orders to increase efficiency, reduce idle times, and optimize maintenance phases.

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Boost your business with Favendo.

Seamless interaction between cutting-edge sensor technology and a unique software architecture results in greater insights into process streams and customer data. We enable our users to find and implement the best possible strategy to raise efficiency and overall profit.


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