On-Demand Webinar: RFID als Schlüsseltechnologie zum digitalen Behälter und seine Chancen

In this free, nearly 90-minute webinar, including an open Q&A session, Harry von Stryk from Favendo and Thomas Heijnen from KATHREIN Solutions will show you the possibilities offered by the use of RFID in industrial environments. Watch now for free!

In the webinar, you will receive interesting facts and information on the topic of RFID as a key technology in Industry 4.0, explained with the help of three, real-life use cases. In addition, the two experts will demonstrate which opportunities are offered to companies by the digitization of load carriers, how RFID solutions of this kind have already been introduced in other companies, and what long-term added value can be derived from them. The panel will be complemented by the participation of two other Favendo employees, who will ensure a lively exchange, especially in the discussion part of the webinar.

Access the webinar: