Easy to use POI Management within bluetooth sensor infrastructures

POI Management as easy as possible: Our goal was to enable the Commander user to define a Point of Interest and to assign any Information to a Point of Interest all by himself. Because a defining feature of modern business processes is an ever-increasing dynamic that requires frequent changeovers and a frequent exchange of content. POI Management makes Favendos Commander RTLS Platform as flexible as the businesses of our corporate customers are. Users can create their own Points of Interest at any time. Using drag and drop, each user can create, customize and modify images, logos and information related to any point of interest.

POI Management core functions

  • POI registration
  • POI content management
  • Geotargeting
  • Geofencing
poi management is easy within favendo rtls.

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What is a point of interest?

Points of interest can be points or zones within the Bluetooth sensor infrastructure for which visitors to the building or area are to receive special information or other content. In the case of static assets, the associated information can be limited to the location. For example, all fire extinguishers can be entered into the indoor map so that they can be found by service teams at any time. Points of Interest can also be shops or restaurants. In this case, certain offers may be triggered when a visitor is nearby. The text of the offers can be changed flexibly and easily at any time and adapted to special needs.

POI Management includes Geofencing and Geotartgeting & Zonealarming


Geofencing is a made-up word from geographic and fence. By geofencing for example an immobilizer device can be activated if a car leaves a defined zone. The zone can for example be a construction site, a festival area or a defined zone within a building.

Geotargeting & Zonealarming

We speak of geotargeting if actions like push notifications are supposed to be triggered not at a certain point but when entering, leaving or staying in defined zones for example at the entrance area of an exhibition. For example if a festival visitor, who has the corresponding app installed, enters the festival area and with that the defined radio signal radius, a push notification is triggered on his smart phone. This is independent from the point where he goes through the imaginary fence.

In a wider sense these two work like positioning systems but with geographical defined border coordinates. Depending on concept, area of deployment and geographical accuracy these systems can also work satellite or mobile radio based. Such systems can also be used when searching for persons, for anti-theft protection of moveable assets, cars and facilities, monitoring of felons with electronic tags or compliance with driving routes or ways to school.

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