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RTLS Platform Commander – Mastering IoT.

A Digital Command Center for controlling and managing spatial-monitoring and location-based services.

RTLS Platform for setting up and managing reliable sensor infrastructures and precise mobile localization and tracking solutions.

Favendos Commander RTLS platform enables indoor positioning and navigation, proximity marketing and indoor asset and person tracking. We can track smartphones as well as sensor tags / wearables.

Cost-effective, durable hardware, easy installation during ongoing work, worry-free operation and optional active remote monitoring contribute to low total cost of ownership.

Positioning is based on Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology, which offers several advantages including long battery life, compatibility with mobile devices and the ability to transmit sensor data in addition to position data.

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In order to find the best solution and be able to select a suitable indoor positioning system (IPS), it is therefore essential to define ones own requirements.

All functions of the Favendo SDK, the also included MapView SDK or a tailored white label app can be controlled and maintained via the comfortable web-based interface. The administration of the Beacon infrastructure can be handled just as easily via the Commander as the maintenance of navigation paths and proximity marketing content.

The digital command center is multi-client capable and supports the integration of several apps per license.

You want to integrate localization and tracking solutions into your existing Android/iOS app or an existing product portfolio of your company? Commander allows you to easily integrate positioning, navigation, asset tracking, proximity marketing into your software. Favendos Commander has proven itself in various industries and applications (cruise ships, non-residential buildings, malls, airports, etc.) and has proven to be a reliable partner.

The Commander receives its data from the relays (beacon trackers) in the infrastructure, processes them with advanced positioning algorithms and also offers a standard JSON/REST push/pull API. Therefore the seamless integration into third party systems (SAP/ERP) is possible without any problems. Commander can be run on premises or cloud based.

Real Time Location Solution for Retail

Thanks to Favendo, we are in a unique position to deliver a digital customer experience and customer service that no one else has at this time. This is a big advantage for the company value and the acceptance was phenomenal.”


Director of Strategy & Business Transformation , Hammerson


„Favendo allows us to combine our innovative lighting solutions with location-based services to create completely new value for our customers.”


International Business Development Manager, ‎TRILUX Deutschland


„We’ve looked at all the relevant players in the field of location-based services – based on their technology, experience and references, Favendo are simply the best. That’s why we offer Favendo products to our customers.”


Vice President Business Line Building Digitalization, Kathrein Group

Sport Venues

„Favendo’s location-based services within the Adler Fan App help us interact with the fans and thus increase customer satisfaction and retention.“


Operational Management, SAP Arena