Favendo partners with the German AutoID and RFID Specialist Kathrein Solutions

Kathrein Solutions GmbH, one of the German market leaders in the AutoID sector, and Favendo, a leading German real-time location based services (RTLS) provider, have partnered to provide customers with the most appropriate technology to achieve their goals and benefit from resource optimization.

RFID for industrial asset tracking with Favendo and Kathrein

Scalable RFID Solutions to Solve Operational Problems in Industry 4.0

Favendo specializes in large-scale Bluetooth-based RTLS implementations in the European market and has extended its services to the South American market since 2020. With this strategic partnership, Favendo is expanding its broad portfolio of location-based products and services by incorporating scalable RFID solutions that will resolve operational challenges for customers in the logistics and manufacturing sectors. By digitizing load carriers using RFID technology, Favendo will provide improved visibility and control over material and production flows in complex industrial environments. Favendo has proven expertise in the integration, installation and implementation of multi-vendor RTLS systems in complex environments. The combined know-how of several partners with different expertise is the answer to projects on a market with highly demanding requirements.

In addition to logistics and manufacturing, clients in the hospitality and medical industries all benefit from RFID and Favendo’s agile and accurate location-based solutions, for example by optimizing and automating the administration of medication thanks to the technology.

Supply Chain Transparency from IoT Experts

Kathrein Solutions offers rugged and dependable RFID-based hardware for use with IoT solutions in demanding and harsh environments. Kathrein Solutions is revolutionizing the way businesses, production processes and mobility solutions in smart cities are done by introducing improved visibility and accountability to supply chains. Kathrein solutions improves throughputs by creating predictability in production processes and timely and accurate accountability in warehousing operations. Kathrein Solutions’ IoT hardware is complemented by its own IoT software suite CrossTalk.

About Kathrein:

From the initial proof of concept to the final stages of global rollout Kathrein Solutions provides business partners and clients with a modular AutoID turnkey portfolio that includes hardware, software and world class services. Kathrein Solutions’ is based on innovative technological leadership, global network of leading business partners and a robust network of highly motivated and experienced AutoID and IT specialists.

Meet Favendo

Favendo is the trusted partner for outstanding Real Time Location Services. Our team delivers reliable and efficient solutions for manufacturing and logistics companies, public buildings and facility management, and cruise ships. To provide our customers with a solution that meets their needs one hundred percent, we partner with Quuppa and Abeeway.

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