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The Pan European Privacy Protecting Proximity Tracing (Pepp-PT) is intended to help people to isolate themselves at an early stage after contact with a person tested positive for corona. Even before they show COVID-19 symptoms themselves. In this way, the chain of infection can be broken. On a volunteer basis and in accordance with the European data protection guidelines. Favendo is now proud part of this program.


Users can download an app to their smartphone that will trigger an alarm if the user had been in the proximity of a person who has been positively tested for corona. The only information the user receives is that he was in the proximity of an infected person. The app does not show who the infected person was or when and where exactly the contact took place.

The apps communicate with each other via bluetooth and exchange temporarily generated, anonymous and locally stored ID’s. In this way, each app creates a contact list with IDs that were in sufficient proximity. If a user is diagnosed with a coronavirus infection, the user must then transfer his contact list to the central server. The server reads the list and informs each ID on the list via app that contact has been made with a person who is now recognized as infected.  Any informed App user must then decide on the personal consequences and go into quarantine.

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The Pepp PT logic offers a decisive advantage. Since people can pass on the virus even before the outbreak of the disease, any contact with unknown people has so far been potentially dangerous for both partys. The Pepp PT approach can significantly reduce the time span of unawareness.  

Pepp-PT will not publish its own app, but will make the source code of the solution available. Based on the source code, institutions or companies can develop their own apps or integrate the solution into existing apps.

Favendo registered to contribute its extensive expertise in the field of Bluetooth-based Track & Trace to the program and at the same time contribute to safer travel in the future. The aim is to integrate the function into its own SDK in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus and future epidemics more quickly.

“With Pepp-PT, we can be a decisive step ahead of the virus,” says CEO Arnaud Becuwe. “Our SDK is used on cruise ships and at airports. Especially at these neuralgic hotspots, it is important to break the chain of infection quickly. We have seen how quickly infections can spread on cruise ships. Especially in small spaces, it is therefore extremely important to break through the chain of infection rigorously. Pepp-PT can help here. And we at Favendo want to help future travelers feel safer and be safer.”

This Article was updated with new information on April 7th.

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