Proximity Marketing links digital and physical worlds.

Proximity Marketing is a way to enhance sales strategies and to establish new information channels.

The field of application therefore goes far beyond the retail sector. It is one of the simplest Bluetooth use cases that can be used wherever you want to provide information or calls for action quickly and easily.

  • Time-based content
  • Location-based content
  • Highly effective InApp-Advertising
  • Can be implemented via SDK in an existing app

You can already operate with a very small number of beacons. The management of the content is web-based and also very uncomplicated. The possibilities that Proximity Marketing offers you, on the other hand, are very wide-ranging. They range from simple welcome messages to POI information to calls to action.

In combination with the wayfinding / indoornavigation function this tool offers unforeseen opportunities: E.g. the Smart device can be used as an individualized virtual guide in museums or office buildings. 

What is Proximity Marketing?

Proximity marketing or also synonymous Bluetooth marketing is the distribution of relevant content or commercial offers on the mobile phone depending on the position of the user. These location-based services work inside and outside buildings. With the help of continuous tracking via GPS or beacons, the app pushes relevant offers and information when the user is near a defined point. The installation of beacons makes the user independent of poor network coverage.

Proximity marketing in retail:

In this classic use case for proximity marketing or location-based marketing features, you can send offers or coupons to your customers or potential customers directly to their own smartphone depending on their position and/or duration of stay in the store or mall.

For example, the owner of a coffee shop within a mall could send customers a coupon for a coffee if the customer has been in the mall for more than 60 minutes, for example, or if the customer is within a certain proximity of the coffee shop. These location- and time-based approaches can of course also be combined.

Not only can you generate significant up-selling via this communication channel, but you can also increase the length of stay in the store by sending a coupon or credit note shortly before the customer is expected to leave the store – for example, if the customer is in the checkout area or in the entrance area of the parking spaces. By sending a final “thank you” message or a request for feedback, you can also increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by simple means.

Favendo has already equipped 17 shopping centers in Great Britain, Ireland and France with Beacon infrastructures for Hammerson plc and therefore has great experience in the use of proximity marketing and location-based marketing solutions, particularly in the retail sector. It goes without saying that we train our customers and their employees in detail in the use of the software, so that the system or content can be managed completely on their own. Favendo has therefore designed the control software to be extremely user-friendly. Nevertheless, we are always ready to help you with advice and support if required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between Proximity Marketing and Bluetooth Marketing?

Both terms are used synonymously. In fact, proximity marketing functions can also be implemented using GPS. Indoors, however, the network coverage is often too weak to do without Bluetooth.

How many beacons are needed?

You can start with a single beacon, for example in the entrance area.

Does Bluetooth Marketing need an App?

Yes, in order to communicate with a visitor via their smartphone, the visitor must first download a corresponding app. If you already have an app, a proximity marketing function can be integrated via SDK.

What is the range?

Up to 75 meters (246 Feet) maximum.

Can Bluetooth Marketing do more than just push news?

By detecting a beacon within range, any action on the user’s smart device can be triggered. It is important in this context that the beacon does not send any content, but only triggers defined actions through its constant signal.

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