Proximity Marketing links digital and physical worlds.


Proximity marketing is the way to optimize and adapt sales strategies and establish new information channels. Proximity Marketing means to address your customers and guests, location-, time-, and rule-based. In this way, each guest only receives the content when it is relevant to him or her. If a guest is close to a defined point of interest and his profile meets the defined specifications, he receives specific information or even personalized vouchers.

In combination with the wayfinding / indoornavigation function this tool offers unforeseen opportunities: E.g. the Smart device can be used as an individualized virtual guide.

  • Personalized content via push message
  • InApp Advertising
  • Promotions and actions 
  • Can be implemented via SDK an existing app
Proximity marketing or also synonymous Bluetooth marketing is the provision of relevant content or commercial offers on the mobile phone depending on the position of the user.

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