Favendo‘s Rescue Navigation is a smart rescue direction system for big industrial plants and combines tracking, monitoring, alarm & rescue in one unique multi-sensor landscape.

Even under most difficult circumstances digital rescue navigation leads rescue forces safely to the person requiring help. Favendo‘s Rescue Navigation also guides persons in emergency situations via the shortest and most secure escape route through and out of buildings and industrial plants to safety in real-time.

Route information can be issued via digital direction systems or via smart devices. Speech output guarantees in this case a reliable emergency navigation even under bad visibility conditions.















The system monitors the extern sensors and integrates the already existing system control. Like this emergencies and malfunctions are assessed in real time and measures are triggered without losing time.  


The system tracks the position of every user at any time and leads rescue forces in emergency situations via the fastest and safest way to the target person in need or to the accident scene. In contrast to conventional systems there is no necessity that the person in need actively makes an emergency call to track the position. A permanent alignment with the surrounding facilities and used substances and materials make an optimized decon triage.

In case of emergency the system saves the deciding seconds that can be the difference between life and death for the victims.

The connected control center always has the overview how many people are moving where in the affected area.

Digital Triage: In case of a partial destruction of the sensor structure or of the smartphone due to explosions or something similar the system knows the person’s last position and can lead rescue forces target-oriented into the most affected areas.

Alarm & Rescue:

In a case of emergency the system sets the alarm by itself and informs all affected persons by email, text message or push notification. At the same time it can freely be decided if the alarm goes off in-house first or directly at a public control center.

Via a combined in- and outdoor navigation affected persons can be lead to the escape point via the safest route.  The system reacts in real-time to changing conditions and continually calculates a new escape route. Navigation happens through map and multilingual speech output and can of course control digital signage and direction systems.

Does the employee arrive at a defined escape point, the system automatically recognizes this via geofencing and proximity and reports the employee as „safe“.


The system architecture is open for multiple sensors like temperature sensors, RFID- and BLE-sensors and gas sensors to monitor the surrounding atmosphere.  Via API signals of an already implemented system control can be integrated into the Rescue Navigation to guarantee a maximum of security for employees and company.


Rescue Navigation is enabled through an exhaustive infrastructure of BLE beacons, special LEDs or a combination of both technologies. Outdoor the system uses GPS, with the transition happening seamless. With navigation via LED a positioning accuracy up to 30cms is possible.

For further information please contact our sales team at sales@favendo.com.


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