Reliable RTLS for construction industry, mining business and manufacturing

Often the main problem be it on large construction sites, in underground or open-pit mines as well as at vast industrial plants is not knowing where the damn thing you are looking for is. No matter if it is material, tools or a machine. So a typical case of lost productivity and resources due to unnecessary search time and potential loss of material and equipment. This is where Real Time Location Services in the broader sense and Asset Tracking Systems in the narrower sense come into play and provide visibility and transparency.

RTLS for mining | Verticals | Favendo

The safety aspect is certainly also one of the most relevant when it comes to asset tracking. In mining, employees often work alone on large machines or with heavy equipment. Particularly in underground mines, there is no way to see the entire terrain, which makes the use of a reliable tracking system for mines and quarries all the more important.

If you are especially interested in information about RTLS implementation in the mining sector we recommend our Implementation Guide for Mining.

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    Building the future of the construction industry with flexible location services

    It is no coincidence that large construction projects often have the reputation of exceeding every previously set budget and usually taking much longer than planned. On the one hand, construction projects are becoming more and more complex with increasingly tight schedules, but at the same time the construction industry is one of the sectors in which digital transformation is still in its infancy, especially regarding project and process management.

    From paper to tablet – digitalization of last mile of mining

    RTLS for mining | Verticals | Favendo

    The operation of the last mile in the production process in open pit mining/mining is a challenge for all stakeholders: mining staff, for operation & security managers, supervisors and last not least for the procurement & financial department. Looking at the status quo the communication path is still in most cases manually done via paper and clipboard. This makes any documentation of processes very difficult. And even more difficult to analyze or optimize these processes.

    How RTLS impact revenue in manufacturing, logistics or automotive industries

    In the industrial environment, a variety of sensor technologies are used for tracking solutions, for example, to improve workflows and make entire processes more efficient. But it is not only purely technical processes that are improved as a result; people’s working environment can also be made more pleasant in this way, which in turn often leads to increased productivity.