A Shield for Woodland Zoo

Across national borders and continents, operators of leisure facilities and parks face the same challenges in the wake of the corona pandemic:

  • What measures can be taken to secure business?
  • How can a safe working environment be created for employees?
  • How can safety be provided to guests at the same time and how can potential risks be identified among the guests?

The non-profit Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle has responded to the Corona pandemic with improved safety protocols, including facial protection for guests and employees, distance keeping and frequent cleaning.

shield for woodland zoo

SHIELD anti-contagion solution provides additional security

The DeCurtis SHIELD™ solution will now provide additional security. DeCurtis Shield™ Kiosks will assess temperature using smart thermography cameras at the thermal brain tunnel with patent-pending methodology to provide the fastest and most accurate body temperature. Shield Kiosks can be used at any security entry or exit point in the zoo or event venues on property to seamlessly screen for elevated body temperature.

“We are extremely impressed with the Woodland Park Zoo’s health protocols to date and our solution, DeCurtis Shield™ will now create additional value, efficiency and enhance their current processes,” said Camille Olivere, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, DeCurtis Cor-poration. “Not only will employees and visitors have additional confidence, we see many implications to leverage our technology to achieve the zoo’s objective to further enhance operational efficiency and visitor experience in the future.”

As a partner of DeCurtis, Favendo exclusively distributes the innovative Shield™ solution in Germany and Europe. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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