Favendo presents SHIELD™ in Europe

What is SHIELD™?

SHIELD™ is a camera-based solution developed by Favendos partner DeCurtis to gather health information to safeguard against infectious diseases like CoVid-19.

The SHIELD™ solution combines facial recognition and thermo-imaging functions and can be used in all industries where the protection of guests, customers and employees within buildings or infrastructures is important.

Favendo presents SHIELD in Europe

A combination with BLE-generated location data and proximity solutions further expands the possibilities. Thus, movements and all contacts of persons at risk or ill can be traced retroactively and a reaction with appropriate measures can be activated very promptly – from contact restrictions to warnings to relevant contacts or disinfection measures.

The extension of the solution with a reliable and continuous mobile person tracking is of great importance, especially in view of the increasing focus on spreading viruses via aerosols in closed rooms. Favendos tracking solution allows an overview of which person has been where and when. In addition to lat-longs, the rooms entered are also determined. If a guest is identified as infected, all contacts that were in the same room at the same time or later can be classified and tested as risk persons. This is important because under ideal conditions the aerosols can remain contagious for several hours.

How does SHIELD™ work?

SHIELD™ identifies persons who are at risk based on their body temperature. Specially developed cameras are installed at high-frequency points such as entry and exit points to the building or ship. These cameras record and identify the incoming person and check for higher temperatures. This unique procedure is very accurate and takes less than a second. The cameras recognise the face and calculate the position of the tear duct. Temperature is measured only from there. A median of ten individual images of a person provides an extremely reliable result. Depending on the temperature, admission can be granted or other measures such as an extended health check can be initiated.

What makes SHIELD™ different from other solutions?

In contrast to other solutions, SHIELD™ only measures at the tear duct and only from one person per check. Thus SHIELD provides much more reliable results than solutions that average several points on the face and prevent temperature readings from being incorrectly assigned. Especially since an average of the temperatures of various points on the face is incredibly unreliable, as the skin temperatures on the face vary greatly even in healthy individuals. At the same time, simultaneous measurements on several people at once lead to unreliable results. An example in an amusement park in Hong Kong showed a forty percent failure rate when measuring multiple temperatures simultaneously. As a consequence, the facility was closed!

SHIELD™ is in compliance with the guidelines and specifications of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the American health authorities. These guidelines are very clear: one temperature measurement at a time. The thermal imaging cameras must have a minimum resolution of 320×240 pixels. SHIELD thus complies with all FDA/CDC requirements.

Favendo is proud to offer this market-ready health solution in Europe and to expand its tracking portfolio with this outstanding product. If you are interested or have further questions, please contact our sales team directly. Use our contact form or schedule a consultation here.

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