Why Favendo is your partner for reliable Real Time Location Services

Whether it’s indoor navigation, asset tracking or proximity messaging, no matter what industry you’re in and no matter how challenging the environment you’re working in, we’re your perfect partner when it comes to implementing high-quality Real Time Location Services.

Now you may be saying to yourself “paper is patient and your marketing department can tell me a lot of things.” So let’s get into the hard facts about Favendo and why you should partner with us: 

Favendo offers you the complete real time location solution from a single source

We offer complete solutions from a single source: we take care of the planning, installation and roll-out of the hardware infrastructure for our customers during ongoing operations, and provide powerful software for every RTLS project. Regardless of whether it is a pure Bluetooth Low Energy solution for room-accurate tracking, a high-precision AoA tracking solution, an indoor-outdoor solution with GPS based on LoRaWAN or a hybrid solution. We also guarantee intensive training and system support as well as maintenance.

Longstanding expertise for successful projects

We have many years of experience: we have been present on the IoT market with our services since 2014 and our solutions for real-time location are successfully in use both in Europe and overseas.

Can’t be done, doesn’t exist!

Challenging environments are our specialty: Our services are based on Bluetooth infrastructures. More precisely, on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). BLE transmits data in a very energy-efficient manner over 40 channels in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz ISM frequency band and supports multiple communication topologies ranging from point-to-point to broadcast to mesh, thus supporting the creation of reliable, large-scale device networks. Bluetooth Low Energy works in just about any environment, whether it’s a steel-built cruise ship, an interference-sensitive environment like a hospital, or the highly electromagnetic environment of a copper mine. 

Bluetooth solutions for every kind of industry

We work independently of the industry and adapted to your specific use case: from a child on a cruise ship to a person working alone in a mine, from a pallet in a high-bay warehouse to an infusion pump in a university hospital: our asset tracking solution can find anything with a Bluetooth tag within the area you define. In addition to classic tracking, we can also implement indoor navigation via a Bluetooth infrastructure.

real time location services by favendo for every kind of industry

Our technology is hardware agnostic

We work hardware-agnostic: That means we are vendor-independent and which beacons can be used as a basis for our Bluetooth infrastructure is completely flexible. We recommend the hardware that best fits your use case and meets the necessary security requirements. 

A quality network for your needs

With our partner network up our sleeve, we are able to respond to (almost) any challenge you present us with: Our classic tracking solution determines the position of a tagged object or person to an accuracy of about 3 meters. In many cases, this accuracy is completely sufficient. If your use case requires a higher level of granularity, our partner Quuppa comes into play, which can achieve an accuracy of up to 10 cm using the Angle-of-Arrival method. If you need seamless indoor-outdoor tracking or navigation, we also offer a solution together with our partner Actility.

Support that makes you happy

We are there for you at any time: If there should ever be any problems with an installation or if you have any questions, you can reach us almost around the clock.  We attach great importance to personal contact with our customers and also take care of the smooth functionality of your Real time Location Services in the long term.

Contact us: Here you can directly arrange a non-binding consultation appointment in the calendar of our sales team. Or use our contact form below.

Meet Favendo

Favendo is the trusted partner for outstanding Real Time Location Services. Our team delivers reliable and efficient solutions for manufacturing and logistics companies, public buildings and facility management, and cruise ships. To provide our customers with a solution that meets their needs one hundred percent, we partner with Quuppa and Abeeway.

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