Smart City Bamberg? Smart City Bamberg!

It is not as far from a world heritage city to a smart city as one might think. All that is needed is the most cost-effective and energy-efficient transmission technology possible for sensor data of all kinds. And with LoRaWAN, the ideal radio technology is already available to intelligently network Bamberg.

Small data packets, long range

The Long Range Wide Area Network has a range of up to 2 km in the city and up to 15 km in open areas. Arranged in a star configuration, the entire city of Bamberg can be covered with approximately 25 gateways. Inexpensive and with low energy consumption, small data packets of all kinds can then be fed into the Internet via the network and processed further. Important to note: LoRaWAN is not 5G, it is not suitable for the transmission of videos, images or large amounts of data. The communication in LoRaWAN is encrypted twice with 128 bit AES, on the one hand up to the network server and on the other hand up to the application server.

The sensors that communicate with the gateways are small and handy and have low battery consumption. This makes them extremely low-maintenance and their battery life can be up to ten years.

Lorawan Smart City Favendo Network Bamberg

The sensors can be used in a wide variety of areas. For example, in the transmission of environmental data such as temperature, humidity, water levels, brightness or air quality. Equally conceivable is the use for traffic counting, parking space and object monitoring, reading of consumption meters, level measurement of waste containers, security technology and so on. There are almost no limits to the possibilities.

Switzerland and the Netherlands are already showing the way, and some cities and communities in Germany have also begun using LoRaWAN. The initiative comes from a wide variety of sources. “The Things Network Community” unites private initiators of LoRaWAN networks in cities and communities. In Berlin, for example, it is a medical doctor who is volunteering to set up a network. In other cities, energy service providers are setting up a LoRa network together with other partners. In the Coburg region, the first pilot applications such as temperature measurement are already in use.

The advantages of LoRaWAN at a glance:

  • low energy consumption
  • low radiation
  • low maintenance
  • unlimited application possibilities
  • open to all
  • cost-effective
  • area-wide


Smart City: Digital overview of the quality of life in a city by obtaining real-time data on traffic, environment, climate, etc.

Innovation promotion: Location advantage for resident companies.

No exclusivity: private individuals and the economy benefit equally from its use

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