PEPP-PT Based Mobile Safety Solution

Favendo introduces contact tracking app – based on PEPP-PT

  • Track and trace contact chains
  • Ensure the functionality of critical teams
  • Protect key employees
  • Available also as an easy-to-integrate SDK for existing apps
Any infection chain is fast and effectively broken!

Favendos PEPP-PT based mobile Track & Trace safety solution for non-residential property such as company buildings and premises as well as hospitals and care facilities makes contact chains between persons via app visible. Who had contact with whom? When and for how long?

Protect key employees with the PEPP-PT logic

The information provided by this solution helps to trace chains of infection in the workforce and to interrupt them effectively. All to protect key employees and to ensure the functionality of critical teams.

We make contact chains within your staff traceable. In this way our solution also provides protection against unwanted contacts and makes possible handovers and inside jobs visible.

Basic Principles

Our Solution is based on PEPP- PT logic and therefore functions completely anonymously, but is also available in a personalised company version to protect your intellectual and physical properties.

The contacts of all persons with an app with activated Li.nkx feature are immediately and fully automatically traceable. Like all Favendo features, this solution is available as an SDK and can therefore be quickly, securely and easily integrated into existing corporate applications. No additional sensor structure is required for the basic version.

The apps communicate with each other via Bluetooth, unnoticed by the user and without his intervention. The devices exchange temporarily generated and, if necessary, anonymized and locally stored IDs. In this way, each app creates a contact list with IDs that were in critical proximity to the device. If a user is diagnosed with an infection, the user himself or an administrator transfers the contact list to a central server based on the notification of illness. The IDs in the list are read out and each person on the contact list is informed and, if necessary, asked to take certain measures, such as visiting the company doctor immediately or isolating themselves. There is no information about which person was infected and when and where exactly the contact took place.

Why we stick to bluetooth

Bluetooth is an industry standard for data transmission over short distances between devices via radio technology. Using this standard, devices can be networked at a distance of about ten meters. Maximum ranges of 75 meters can be achieved. Bluetooth currently means Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in the context of location-based services. BLE distinguishes itself in comparison to the classical Bluetooth by a clearly reduced energy consumption. The Android operating system supports BLE since version 4.3 (mid-2013). Apple’s iOS operating system supports BLE since iOS 5. 

It operates at a frequency between 2.400 and 2.4835 GHz and the transmission power of Bluetooth is far below the power flow limit of 10 W/m² and does not collide with even the strictest industrial safety conditions. Even sensitive diagnostic and therapy devices are not disturbed by this radio technology. Frequency hopping reliably eliminates connection interference, as a disturbed connection is automatically replaced by a redundant connection.

The PEPP-PT Landscape


PEPP-PT is an anonymous and privacy-preserving digital contact tracing approach, which is in full compliance with GDPR and can also be used when traveling between countries through an anonymous multi-country exchange mechanism. No personal data, no location, no Mac-Id of any user is stored or transmitted. PEPP-PT is designed to be incorporated in national Corona mobile phone apps as a contact tracing functionality and allows for the integration into the processes of national health services. The solution is offered to be shared openly with any country, given the commitment to achieve interoperability so that the anonymous multi-country exchange mechanism remains functional.

  • Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing
  • Accurate BT-based proximity estimation
  • Information Security and Data Privacy Concept
  • International Roaming

Primary PEPP-PT mechanisms

PEPP-PT creates an anonymous proximity history on a user’s phone. For this purpose, distances from other phones of PEPP-PT users are estimated via measured radio signals (Bluetooth et al.). The measurement and the anonymous identifier of the other PEPP-PT users are only recorded if there is sufficient proximity. This anonymous proximity history remains encrypted on the phone of the PEPP-PT user and can never be viewed by anyone, not even the PEPP-PT user. PEPP-PT contains a backend concept that can easily be deployed locally or used from an external provider if local provisioning is not possible in time.

Open source license

PEPP-PT will be under Mozilla Open Source license or similar.

Meet Favendo

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