All services provided as one easy to integrate Software Development Kit (SDK)

Once the SDK is integrated in your App all services can be activated by the touch of a button

The Favendo Commander base SDK enables location based and real time location services for any existing Android and iOS application and can also be integrated into hybrid apps.

Core functions are Positioning, Navigation, Asset Tracking, Beacon Proximity and app profile management.

Favendos Commander SDK comes with MapView. The MapView is  set  to be  one  of  the  fundamental  UI components of all applications developed at Favendo.  This SDK can be used by external developers using the Favendo products. It enables them to easily integrate their own app with an indoor map. Extensive web-based documentation for Android and iOS is available for the code and integration of the code.

Want to get more insights into our SDK? Check our documentation for developers.

SDK – Frequently asked Questions

How is the SDK integrated?

How can I import maps?

Can the SDK be integrated in hybrid apps?

Are there differences in the functionality of Android and iOS?

Can the accuracy be set via the SDK?

Can the SDK size be reduced?

Do you offer a manual/documentation?

Meet Favendo

Favendo is the trusted partner for superior Real Time Location Services. Our Team is committed to providing timely and cost effective solutions for cruise industry, large shopping malls, public venues, industrial surroundings and more. To offer our customers the most suitable system we partner with Quuppa and Abeeway. Come and meet Favendo.