Value adding Services at the touch of a button.

All services provided as one easy to integrate Software Development Kit (SDK).

Once the SDK is integrated in your App all services can be activated by the touch of a button.

The Favendo Commander base SDK enables location based and real time location services for Android and iOS and can also be integrated into hybrid apps. Core functions are Positioning, Navigation, Asset Tracking, Beacon Proximity and app profile management.

Favendos Commander SDK comes with the MapView SDK. The MapView SDK is  set  to be  one  of  the  fundamental  UI components of all applications developed at Favendo.  The SDK can be used by external developers using the Favendo products.  It enables them to easily integrate their own app with an indoor map.

Frequently asked questions

How is the SDK integrated?

If using the source/dependency/library manager Cocoa Pods, the installation is straightforward. The page will generate a definition that can be pasted into your podfile. There is nothing else to do. Since the SDK contains Swift code, you need to configure CocoaPods to use frameworks and work with iOS 8.0 upward.

The frameworks can also be installed manually. Just download the zipped framework from a link generated that matches your Xcode version.

How can I import maps?

Favendo offers two map implementations such as Google Maps implementation and the Favendo MapView implementation wich works with uploading JPEG and PNG files.

Can the SDK be integrated in hybrid apps?


Are there differences in the functionality of Android and iOS?

With Commander SDK and MapView SDK, we have implementations for Android and iOS platforms. Both platforms have made their best efforts to synchronize in terms of offered features, design patterns and generation wise evolution. So there are no differences in the functionality. Still there has to be a certain degree of uniqueness in both. 

Can the accuracy be set via the SDK?

There are settings presets which combine a number position-configurations to optimise the SDK for certain scenarios.

  • No Preset
    This is the default “preset”, all positioning-configuration settings are set to their default values. Their appropriateness depends on the use case. If the user-position is not simply used for location-based-content notifications but directly displayed on a map, the default settings might not be ideal. While the API allows to override this preset, it is not recommended. (It can be thought of as an internal settings preset.)

  • Power Saving mode
    This preset is recommended if position accuracy is not of primary concern. It disables various filters to save computing power. A possible use case is location-based-content notifications that fire in the background. The effect of less accurate position updates on the outcome is negligible here, making it advisable to save battery life. Similarly, if the map displays another level than the current position, accuracy only to the extend of the current level/region is required. The settings in this preset are exhaustive, there is no need to change them manually.

  • Best Accuracy
    Ideal if the app-user is directly looking at her position on a map. While the default values represent a general “best practice”, their ideality depend on the beacon-installation at sight. Trying out a variety of settings is recommended. 

  • Adaptive
    This preset is the same as Best Accuracy, but with the setting AdaptivePositioning enabled. Especially if the user is expected to change between a “walking” and “standing” state, this is the recommended setting for best stability.

Can the SDK size be reduced?

Unfortunately, Xcode does not strip out unneeded slices from frameworks if the app is compiled/archived. Luckily, the SDK contains a script which strips unneeded slices.

Do you offer a manual / documentation?

We provide detailed tutorials including tips and troubleshooting. In Addition, we are of course available with advice and assistance.

Once the SDK is integrated in your App all services can be activated by the touch of a button.


Localization and positioning lets you lead the user comfortably from point A to point B.

Asset Tracking

Any asset equipped with a bluetooth low energy sensor can be tracked inside a covered area.

Proximity Marketing

Provide relevant and personalized information as well as high-quality audio-visual content.

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