Smart Store Analytics.

Customer Intelligence …simple as that.

Smart Store Analytics is Favendo’s Plug & Play solution for retail analytics. Perfect for chain store companies and small merchants.

In digital commerce every user action is measured, analysed and answered. Thanks to Smart Store Analytics these means of reaction are now also available for offline retail. Because SSA makes customer intelligence and predictive analytics easy: Plug in the pre-configured collector and open your personal dashboard: all important data is clearly visualized – straightaway. Eventually you can measure the impact of advertising campaigns and marketing actions in real time.

Aggregate and analyze internal customer data from all or just selected stores. Because knowing about your customers means not only knowing about their preferences but also the ability to optimize business operations to increase loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Finally reliable numbers on customer behaviour: 

Our impression of the world is highly subjective. Like in science our subjective estimations are either confirmed or disproved by modern means of measurement. Based on the generated insights you are in a position to make decisions and then again measure their impacts:


  • Numbers of visitors by day, week, month – absolute numbers and average
  • Numbers of visitors compared: yesterday – today, morning – afternoon etc.
  • Average dwell times per week, per month
  • Average dwell time in comparison
  • Best-visited days per month
  • Average number of visitors by time of day
  • Return rates
  • Conversion visitors in front of store / visitors in store
Favendo Smart Store Analytics

Optimize your marketing measures and staff deployment at your stores

Thanks to SSA and dashboard you are always up to date and able to generate better forecasts and make more profound decisions. No matter if you are working at your office or if you want to access your data on the road by smartphone or tablet.

  • Predictive Analytics: Take your decisions based on analytically processed real-time data about number of visitors, visitor flow and dwell times
  • Reliable measurement of your marketing activities’ efficiency (discount campaigns, print campaigns, radio spots etc.) by comparing numbers of visitors
  • Optimize your staff deployment (sales staff / cleaning intervals) based on number of visitors e.g. by weekday, time of day etc. or based on return rates.
  • Benchmark your stores: Compare the KPIs of your stores at one glance
  • Identify the sales potential of your most-visited days and times of day

Favendo Flow Tracker: 

Our Flow Tracker is able to track smart phones, which are moving inside a defined area – e. g. your store. One device is able to cover up to 2.000 square meters. The sensor picks up the so called MAC-addresses, which all smart devices like smart phones or tablets are emitting in order to connect with potentially available WiFi-spots around, and collects them. The media access control address is a digital fingerprint of every device making the device uniquely assignable. So even returning visitors can be identified.

Favendo Collector
  • Covers a range of about 2.000 square meters
  • Suitable for buildings and outdoor use
  • Easy to use plug & play architecture
  • Data transmission by LAN, WLAN and GSM
  • Requires regular 230V power connection
  • Integrated data storage
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