Use deeper insights for a supreme customer approach in retail business.

Favendo’s solution for large shopping malls.

Retail business & large shopping malls

We offer indoor navigation/wayfinding, asset tracking, person tracking, proximity marketing and data visualization for retail business, large shopping centers and malls. All services can be quickly and easily integrated into existing apps as SDK (Software Development Kit) and are controlled by a single web-based and easy-to-use dashboard. Users gain more insights into customer behavior, amaze and inspire their customers with great services, and implement an effective channel to address customers.

“Thanks to Favendo we are in a unique position to deliver a digital customer experience and customer services that no one else has at this point in time. This is a great driver of business value and the adoption has been phenomenal.”


Director of Strategy & Business Transformation , Hammerson

90% of Retail Shoppers use Smartphones in Stores.

  • Data visualization gives insights about number of customers, customer flow, and length of stay – see case study
  • Engage customers through personalized content & increase conversion rates
  • Improve the shopping experience with indoor navigation and other services
  • Manage your beacon network digitally and lease access to brands or partner apps for new revenue sources
  • Implement our SDK into your existing app & don’t lose a single user

Take a look at our solution for Bullring Birmingham

Benefits for Customers

Transfer online-shopping features to local stores and make shopping easier and more comfortable for your customers than ever before.

  • Customers receive personalized, interesting push, pull, or In-App messages
  • Easy sharing of locations, opinions, and recommendations on social network platforms
  • Comfortable, precise indoor navigation within the infrastructure
  • Additional information about facility equipment; e.g. to the position of wheelchair-friendly elevators
  • Multilingual versions of all services and accessible design such as easy language, large text, and read aloud-options for users with disabilities.
indoornavigation in retail

Analytics case study Terrasse du Port, Marseille

Optimizing mall configuration to increase dwell times and sales. Terasse du Port Management wanted to better understand the visitor flows and dwell times in their shopping mall.