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Favendo’s Solutions for Arena Operators and Sport Managers.

„Favendo‘s Location based Services within the Adler Fan App are helping us to interact with the fans and therefore with customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.“

– Jens Reithmann, Managing Director of Operations, SAP Arena.

Benefits for Sport Managers

Increase fan loyalty, create an impressive gameday experience and open up a new channel to address your customers personally – in- and outside of the arena. Based on individual fan data Favendo’s Sports solutions create a never ending digital game day. Ask us for references and case studies.

Benefit from the opportunities of digital sports & location based services. 

  • Increase ticket sales and enhance upselling
  • Create new and exciting ways to interact with displaced fans and strengthen fan loyalty
  • Offer personalized digital content straight to your fans’ smart phones
  • Adapt your marketing measures faster
  • Optimize the fan experience by indoor navigation, fast lane ordering, public transport information and many more services
  • Create and monetize new adspaces
  • Increase your social buzz
  • Integrate VR and AR elements in advertising options or for gamification

Benefits for Arena Operators

Location based services like precise indoor navigation and asset tracking can optimize your order management as well as usage of inventory and working materials. The connected arena knows the whereabouts of every staff member, machine and tool.

  • Heatmapping and analysis of visitorflow
  • Precise and seamless in- & outdoor navigation
  • Asset tracking gives complete overview of the whereabouts of machines, tools and supplies
  • Have records of past staff tasks, routes, inventory positions, and usage
  • Optimize inventory´s maintenance based on detailed information about usage and running times
  • Establish an easy to manage communication network that connects management, staff and inventory in real-time
location-based Services für Arena, Stadion und Sportstätten

Boost your business with favendo OS.

Our OS relates infinite on- and offline data sources thus taking you far beyond common location-based services. That´s why we call it the first context-based operating system.

scale business

Scale your business models

Favendo is a full-service provider for location-based services. Our unique content-based operation system fits any business vertical and makes us stand-alone on the market.
increase profit

Increase sales and gain efficieny

Whether it’s retail, transportation or facilities management. Favendo helps you to find and implement the best strategies to increase efficiency and raise overall benefit

Collect and analyze essential data

Cutting-edge beacon technology in combination with our powerful software architecture gives you essential more insights in processes and customer behavior.
asset tracking

Track assets and units

Favendo-technology enables you to track any sensor equipped subject of interest. Our advanced efficiency algorithm helps you to manage staffs and resources more efficiently.
combine data-streams

Combine infinite data-streams

Favendo allows you to combine your self-generated data through iBeacon-Installation with existing online data sources like e.g. Adsense-data.
simple dashboard

Keep it simple

Favendo enables you to monitor and manage your complete digital infrastructure and also your digital marketing operations from a single dashboard.


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