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Favendo’s Solutions for Arena Operators and Sport Managers.

Sport Stadiums & Arenas

Our services are used in sports stadiums and arenas in Germany. As one of the first multifunctional arenas worldwide, SAP Arena provides its visitors with indoor navigation via the Adler app.

Whether to the next snack bar, the seat or standing area or the fan shop – the app locates the location and the indoornavigation guides the visitors to their destination as quickly as possible. “SAP is proud to contribute to expanding communication between the arena, club, and visitors with its innovative technology,” said Fadi Naoum, SAP Development Manager for Sports & Entertainment.

At the same time, indoor navigation generates data relevant to the operator. Motion flows and peak times are traceable and controllable via push messages. Location and status data are communicated via the M2M message protocol MQTT. Favendo thus uses the de facto standard to transfer sensor information from an IoT infrastructure and simplifies the integration of the data obtained into platforms such as SAP HANA or Oracle.

“Favendo‘s Location based Services within the Adler Fan App are helping us to interact with the fans and therefore with customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.”

Jens Reithmann

Managing Director of Operations, SAP Arena

From our point of view, a good orientation is an important point to feel comfortable as a guest. What has already been standard in road traffic with navigation apps for many years is now also quite simply possible within the SAP Arena.

Daniel Hopp

Managing Director, SAP

Take a look at our real time location solution (RTLS) for the ADLER MANNHEIM hockey team

Benefit from the opportunities of digital sports & location based services. 

  • Increase ticket sales and enhance upselling
  • Create new and exciting ways to interact with displaced fans and strengthen fan loyalty
  • Offer personalized digital content straight to your fans’ smart phones
  • Adapt your marketing measures faster
  • Optimize the fan experience by indoor navigation, fast lane ordering, public transport information and many more services
  • Create and monetize new adspaces
  • Increase your social buzz
  • Integrate VR and AR elements in advertising options or for gamification

Benefits for Arena Operators

Location based services like precise indoor navigation and asset tracking can optimize your order management as well as usage of inventory and working materials. The connected arena knows the whereabouts of every staff member, machine and tool.

  • Heatmapping and analysis of visitorflow
  • Precise and seamless in- & outdoor navigation
  • Asset tracking gives complete overview of the whereabouts of machines, tools and supplies
  • Have records of past staff tasks, routes, inventory positions, and usage
  • Optimize inventory´s maintenance based on detailed information about usage and running times
  • Establish an easy to manage communication network that connects management, staff and inventory in real-time