RTLS for airports and trainstations based on beacon technology

Link existing public information with passenger´s location-based data to optimize customer service and improve marketing success at your transportation facilities .


Positioning solutions for Airports & Trainstations

With the help of the Frankfurt Airport App, over 60 million passengers and visitors to Germany’s largest commercial airport each year can now navigate comfortably and reliably through the terminals and to over 360 check-in counters. App users also benefit from additional real time location services (RTLS) such as information on arrivals and departures as well as shopping opportunities.

To positioning passengers and visitors, the complex Favendo software integrated into the APP combines and processes Beacon and GPS signals. The algorithm achieves maximum positioning accuracy with minimum hardware effort.

At the request of the airport operator, a magnetic method was used for the first time to install the sensors, which is particularly substance-friendly and guarantees easy installation and residue-free removal. The Beacon Management System was completely integrated into the existing system and enables simple monitoring, configuration and maintenance of the 2000 beacons.

In addition, the solution is multi-client capable and can therefore be opened for use by customers and partners.

You can download our detailed Case Study for Frankfurt Airport here:

Unique guest- und customer experience thanks to RTLS:

  • Shorter waiting periods
  • Comfortable, precise in- and outdoor navigation within the infrastructure
  • Passengers receive personalized and interesting push, pull, or In-App messages
  • Let your passenger know if his current location is not the departure location of a booked flight or train, and tell him or her to hurry
  • On-site travel information like delays in arrival or departure, change of timetables and special offers.
  • Easy sharing of information, opinions, and recommendations on social network platforms

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