Favendo and Yoints cooperate: Big Data meets Loyalty

Favendo completes retail full service range with innovative loyalty platform – Yoints obtains leading location-based service provider as strong marketing partner

Starting today Bamberg’s Favendo GmbH is closely cooperating with Hamburg’s loyalty provider Yoints GmbH. Together the partners want to fill the gap which was left behind after Shopkick’s withdrawal from Germany. With their mutual attempt, Favendo and Yoints especially want to learn from the mistakes the Shopkick operators made, who decided to concentrate on their domestic market since end of January 2017.

In the new partnership Yoints is going to profit from the long-term experience of Favendo, which they collected as full service provider for location based services in retail and mobile marketing. Favendo’s customers include real estate developer Hammerson plc, for whom Favendo recently equipped the 20th big shopping mall in France, Ireland and Great Britain with a beacon infrastructure and a shopping app of the plus-series. Additionally Favendo is technology partner for the roll-out of 50.000 beacons at out-of-home advertising media by Ströer. Through US-based company Neptune Analytics, where Favendo is essentially involved as technology partner, the company is collecting experience in the usage of location-based services and data-analytics for small and owner-managed retailers. With the Yoints-App customers are already collecting bonus points with just visiting – “Walk in” – a shop. Besides “Walk in” there are a lot of more possibilities to raise their score, for example by product or check scan at the location. The collected Yoints bonus points can be swapped for attractive prizes and shopping vouchers. They can also be donated for various charity institutions, by which the app also gets a social element. The Yoints-app is available at Google Play Store and iTunes Store. App user can already collect points in more than 4.200 shops in Germany. Until the end of the year the number of shops is supposed to run up to at least 8.000. Sarik Weber, managing partner of Yoints GmbH: “It is another milestone in our successful company development that we were able to convince the market leader in location-based services Favendo to together place our technology on the retail market. Yoints and Favendo offer a powerful mobile marketing platform for retail, which will enable retailers to cover and analyse the whole customer journey from lead generation to conversion at point of sale and to optimize their offers according to the results.” Richard Lemke, CEO Favendo GmbH: “Shopkick did some things right, but also revealed clear shortcomings. Former customers for example criticized that the core target group was not reached and that there was no sufficient measurable conversion. Small merchants, who – due to the extreme competition they face – would already benefit a lot from a solid customer data base alone, weren’t even included in the program. Yoints has clearly established the better solution on the market, which we strongly recommend to our customers.”