Favendo collaborates with Philips Lighting

Indoor Navigation System with 30cm accuracy. German premiere at EuroShop (March 5th – 9 th) in Düsseldorf.

Favendo, European market leader for location-based services, collaborates with the global leader in innovative (LED-) lighting products, systems and services, Philips Lighting. The co-operation is part of Philips Lighting’s new Indoor positioning location lab partner program, wherein multiple industry leaders and start-ups participate . Favendo will enhance the highly accurate Philips’ indoor positioning system with its location-based services such as way finding, digital mapping, product search, proximity notifications and analytics, to provide building owners in retail, offices, and malls with a mutual innovative end-to-end solution to offer more convenience to its visitors and shoppers, enhance the efficiency of their staff, and enhance their operational efficiency through big data analytics insights.

“Our Location Lab partners are as important to us as apps to a smartphone; the value a building owner derives from our indoor positioning system increases with the number of complementary products and services we offer. With our partners we are able to turn our customers’ vision into reality and enable them to differentiate through shopper convenience and staff efficiency,” said Parik Chopra, Segment Leader Retail and Hospitality for Philips Lighting. Philips Lighting utilizes a combination of its Visible Light Communication technology, Bluetooth, and the smartphone’s inertial sensors to deliver an indoor positioning system that offers 30 cm accuracy plus orientation, in-pocket notifications, and analytics. Visible Light Communication (VLC) works by individual light points transmitting their location through modulation of light that can be detected by a smart phone camera but not by the human eye. How precise the indoor positioning system with VLC works, the partners will display for the first time in Germany at EuroShop in Dusseldorf (March 5th – 9 th).

As first supermarket in Germany an Edeka supermarket in Dusseldorf-Bilk is using the global lighting leader’s system. The corresponding app is developed by Favendo GmbH. The company is known for indoor navigation based on radio signals and has now for the first time integrated the encrypted light signals of Philips’ Visible Light Communication into its app frame work. By that a 30 centimeter positioning accuracy can be achieved, which meets the special demands in food retail. In form of a software development kit these and more features can be integrated in every third-party system.

“We are very proud to take part in the Philips Lighting Indoor positioning location lab partner program. By integrating the Philips indoor positioning software in our software, we reach a new level of accuracy that enables navigation to the product. The result encourages us that the future of location-based services lies in the combination of various technologies such as WiFi, Beacons and VLC”, says Richard Lemke, CEO of Favendo, about the collaboration.