Global market leader implements Favendos Commander-SDK within new building control app

With Phoenix Contact, the global market leader for components, systems and solutions in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics and automation has opted for a solution from Favendo. Phoenix Contact uses the Favendo Commander SDK in its new building control app myEmalytics.

At the 23rd Industrial Communication Congress from March 14 to 15, the company presented its new building control app “myEmalytics” at the Innovation Center Electronics in Bad Pyrmont, Lower Saxony. The app is based on Favendos Commander’s whitelabel app and has been extended with numerous interfaces for Phoenix Contact, so that the app now offers the possibility of remotely controlling the light in various conference rooms, for example.

With 16,500 employees and a turnover of 2.2 billion euros in 2017, the company is one of 25 core companies in the BMBF’s “Intelligent Technical Systems EastWestphaliaLippe (it´s owl)” cluster of excellence. The highlight of indoor navigation is an automatic elevator call when navigating over different floors. If the navigation destination is on another floor, the app automatically calls the elevator and sends it to the corresponding floor where the person in charge is located. Thus, the app not only contributes to more time savings and convenience, but also makes an important contribution to accessibility.

The app communicates with an infrastructure of 170 Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons installed in the building by Favendo specialists. The app uses Favendos Commander SDK and MapView SDK. The Commander SDK includes positioning, navigation, asset tracking, notifications based on beacon and zone proximity, and analytics. The MapView SDK allows app developers to store their own interior maps as maps for navigation in the app and to plan routes. All user interface elements can be flexibly adapted.

At the congress, more than 300 invited guests from industry and trade had the opportunity to convince themselves of the opportunities and possibilities offered by location-based services such as proximity marketing, positioning and indoor navigation for modern building control.