Indoor Location Sharing with the Commander-SDK

Indoor Location Sharing is a very valuable feature in many application areas. Share your position inside a building, a large sports venue or on a campus with colleagues or family members and friends.

Save time and nerves locating each other. Or call a service team directly to your position. Whatever you want to do and why you need to share your location: basic principle is the exact location of ones own position within a building. Favendos Commander SDK allows you to share your position inside large buildings in two different ways.

Depending on the application, you can send your own position via link to any popular messenger app. By clicking on the link the navigation app opens on the smart phone of the receiver and all navigation features are at his/her disposal. This feature provides no real-time location. Also in this case, you must actively share your position with others and you cannot see for yourself the position of the other person in the building.

Favendo offers an advanced way to share the own location with others in real time. Moreover Favendo enables users not only to share their position with other users, but also to follow the position of others in real time and also offers the possibility to navigate to them. Users can share their position with anyone they have added to a contact list before. These can be friends and family, but also a group of colleagues to work with. Contacts can see each other’s position at any time. An active sharing of the position is not necessary. To invite another user to join a position, he can be addressed via an integrated chat function. This location sharing option provides a privacy mode for times you do not want to be located.